Top 150 Woodworking Blogs For Woodworkers To Follow

We know the hassle of searching for good websites which you can follow, read, or buy your tools from. Don’t worry, we did all the work, and all you have to do is to read the description and decide if the website suits your preferences.

Below is the list of some websites that you can follow. Most of them provide tutorials on woodworking projects and other provide resources too! From online woodworking tutorials, magazines, to online classes and courses.


Top Home Improvement And Woodworking Blogs You'll Need To Be Reading

Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking Magazine is site that would provide you lots of content anything about hybrid woodworking directly sourced from America’s brightest woodworkers. What is great about this site is that it would give you knowledge and insights about various woodworking projects from basic to complex furniture plans, and would give you some advanced woodworking techniques to complete a certain project.


Ana-white is a perfect site if you want to have ideas about DIY woodworking projects that you can do in your houses.

Her goal is to give you complex design principles – make them easy and simple, maximize material use and minimize waste.

Ana started her blog after she and her husband completed their own house with their own efforts and after doing DIY woodworking projects from scrapped materials she had in her house.

Hence, the passion for woodworking using cheaper and used materials grows in her and now she wants to share these insights with people like you!


The Woodcraft Supply LLC is one of the oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies. It also publishes six issues of Woodcraft Magazine each year.

Their site provides various information on how to grow your woodworking businesses. It also offers services and various products that would help in any of woodworking tasks.

You can also download free project plans or request sharpening services, access woodworking-related books or videos through this site.


Finewoodworking is a great site to visit when you want to hone your woodworking skills because it offers a great mass of video tutorials and workshops.

Finewoodworking’s site also includes blogs, podcasts, projects and plans for beginners, as well as current issues about woodworking to help you to be updated with the latest trends and products within the industry.

You need to be a member to access the video tutorials and workshops.


Lumberjocks is not just your typical blog site. This site offers not just helpful advice from different peoples across the globe, but it also offers an online workshop to make your knowledge on woodworking more profound.

The site gives you access to different kinds of projects, shops and reviews of products, as well as forums to provide a very interactive learning experience.


TodaysHomeOwner is not just a blog site but a media. It is a trusted home improvement authority delivering not just blogs articles but also videos and galleries containing some of the most practical advice across diverse media platforms.

They have their own Today’s Homeowner Television shows with 214 stations and Today’s Homeowner Radio that gives you tips and techniques on different DIY projects. Topics included are not just for woodworking but also for any topics imaginable!


Just a Girl and her Blog is a blog site by Abby Lawson which grows into becoming a family business. Her aim is to share with you her passion for creating beautiful, thriving home, life and business by providing some of the DIY projects, organization, productivity, and helpful, practical and easy-to-follow tips and techniques on decorating your houses. You can also have access to some of her E-books and courses.


The Happier Home is a bog site by Melissa Riker that provides you helpful and practical tips on how to organize, plan, and keep your house clean effectively and efficiently. Aside from blogs for DIY home projects, you can also gain some insights about delicious recipes from their everyday cook page and some frugal methods in decorating your houses. You can also learn how to create your own blog!


Thinking Closet a blog site by Lauren whose passion is to make simple crafts to more beautiful and creative projects that are doable and doesn’t require a great cost.

This website would provide you different kinds of easy-to-do DIY projects, ranging from small gift ideas to creatives and crafts. This site also features some of the creative ways on how to design various crafts and Silhouette creations.

Shanty 2 Chic

Shanty 2 Chic is a website owned by Whitney and Ashley, both are self-taught carpenters, whose goal is to encourage their readers to recreate creative and beautiful outputs from scrapped and used pieces of materials. They offer help and steps on how to make DIY furniture that would surely beautify and make your house to home.

The Shabby Creek Cottage

The Shabby Creek Cottage offers a great deal of content - from delicious recipes that you can easily follow and make, tips and techniques on various DIY projects, to decorative DIY designs you can do in your house. Visit the website to be plunged by different practical and cheap DIY ideas that are surely beneficial to you. You can subscribe to her newsletter to be updated about new products and projects .

East Coast Creative Blog

The East Coast Creative is a blog site that gives you a wide variety of tips and techniques about home decorations and designs as well as DIY projects and crafts. Owned by Monica, a designer, producer, TV personality and an entrepreneur, this website offers authentic, attainable DIY Interior designs which you can follow and use to beautify your home. Her works are also featured in countless magazines and TV shows.

Cherished Bliss

Cherished Bliss provides you helpful contents that center on three things - Woodworking, Home décor and DIY tips and how-tos. Each field is provided with lots of how-to articles and contents, images and videos that are greatly informative and instructive.


Homemade Modern site publishes DIY recipes and projects that are easy to follow and are surely practical. If you want to learn more about creating modern furnishings, this site is surely a great resource for you.

This will provide you galleries including images and videos as well as step by step contents on how to make creative DIY furnishings for your bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room – anywhere!

Manmade DIY

Manmade DIY is a site for men and guys out there who like to do and learn some of the masculine projects and skills. But this doesn’t limit to “males” only, if you are capable of contributing and doing masculine tasks, then here is your site!

Launched in 2010, Manmade DIY explores some of the movements of the craft for postmodern males and features original DIY how-to contents, videos, and design inspiration produced by both men and women.

My Repurposed Life

My Repurposed Life provides you DIY projects with helpful tips and techniques. This includes blogs with detailed step by step on how to do certain projects with ease and with practicality. This doesn’t just limit to wood workings and wood crafts, but also includes some materials that you can creatively remake – glasses, buttons, and other tools that you would think useless.

Repurpose means creating something different from what you have in your house!

Saw Dust Girl

Saw Dust Girl is founded by Sandra who studied Interior Design, and has to passion for taking “blah home and making it beautiful”.

Her blog site would provide you the knowledge and helpful information about house building and craft - restructuring and remodeling creatively using some of the tools she can recommend to you.

You would also be informed on how to use some tools effectively and efficiently.

Thistlewood FarmSaw Dust Girl

Thistlewood farm does not just give you a life story of a farm house but also provides you an open door to a family life - from tortoises, skirts, pancakes, Lee Press-On-Nails to little pieces of papers crafts and projects.

The website provides you cute, simple, yet beautiful designs of various DIY crafts and projects with how-to steps. These all come with inspirational stories and journal to make you feel more inspired in making projects on your own.

The Woodwhisperer

The Woodwhisperer is a website owned by Marc Spagnuolo, a woodworking enthusiast and at the same time a podcaster and video producer. The site is a product of his dream to integrate four of his passions – woodworking, education, technology and … humor.

He has written several articles, which you can locate on his website. His tips and techniques on DIY projects come with a video tutorial to provide you a more visual way of learning.

Door Sixteen

Door Sixteen is a website that offers various contents - from home decors, DIY crafts, and simple woodworking projects. The site exclusively features cement tiles from Popham design. You are provided with different textile designs and decorations for you to use in your homes. Another way of expanding your skills in designs making.

Designer Trapped

Designer Trapped in a site where you can learn different cheap DIY renovations, crafts, and home improvement projects – all in one source. In the website, you can browse their own projects posts, contents that would give you some helpful insights in your DIY projects and interior designs you can do in your house. Some of the categories the site offers are - Room Reveals, DIY Knock Off Projects, DIY Furniture, and DIY Lighting.

Little Green Notebook

Little Green Notebook is a website owned by Jenny who studied Interior Design. This site would give you some DIY ideas about designs you can do and crafts you can make. It also includes dyes and creative designs using colors for your variety of clothing materials – from pillow sheets, lamp covers, to your towels.

Aside from this, it offers DIY how-to articles to make your own creative furniture.

Jenna Sue Design

Jenna Sue Design’s site will provide you interior design tutorials, personalized art prints, and even provide you an inspiration with their beautiful photographs. This site also provides you a step by step instructions on some of her DIY projects. It also provides collectibles such as printables you can put on your wall for designing.

Woodworker Journal

Wood Workers Journal provide you content all about woodworking projects you can do. It also provides some content on how to effectively use some of the woodworking tools that might help you in doing your projects.

It offers tips, as well as plans about your next woodworking tasks. It also gives you some insights that you can use for designs.

The DIY Playbook

The DIY Playbook website is owned by Bridget and Casey who want to share their ideas as well as their tips and techniques that are made simple to allow you create some DIY crafts ranging from wood to other materials.

The site can also be a resource if you are still learning on carpentry, or using woodworking tools that yield cute and unique designs.

Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation website will give you tips for woodworking DIY projects.

Aside from this, this site is equipped with articles and videos on how to rebuild your house in a creative way with helpful DIY designs and crafts you can use as decorations.

It also provides steps on how to use some of the tools commonly used for woodworking.

Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect is also a good site that provides you a lot of content about DIY crafts - from small to large projects to use in your house.

This also includes recreating and restructuring some of your used and old materials and make them creatively and artfully new products.

From water-coloring to corralling nails and screws – I am sure this would be a great site for helpful ideas you can do.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted to Decorating is a good web blog to follow especially when you are into designing your old wood materials and to make them looks new in a creative way. This site will provide you DIY projects that you can do to improve your furniture and facilities. It mostly tackles on woodworking so I am sure you are well grounded!

Blue is Style Blog

Blue is Style Blog site is owned by Angela who is an attorney and a decorator. Her passion is all about dealing with artistic objects. She does decorate, organizing as well as DIY-ing, and now she creates a blog that would share all these experiences’ insights to people like you!

Wood Smith

Wood Smith is another blog site to follow. This site provides you not just access to some of the Wood Smith magazines but also offers other media such as videos, DVDs, TV shows - all giving you very practical and helpful tips and techniques about woodworking tasks and projects.

You can also get some discounts on their magazines or subscribed to their daily newsletter for updates on current trends on woodworking crafts.

Saved by Love Creations

Saved by Love Creations is owned by Johnnie who is an entrepreneur and has a good background on woodworking projects. This site is made to give you just the practical and cheaper ways on how to make DIY woodworking tasks in your house. It is designed to provide articles that give tips and techniques for you to recycle old materials to creative woodworking outputs.

Videos and contents are made enjoyable to make you feel more enthusiastic about making your DIY projects.

Woodworking Network

Woodworking Network is another great blog you should follow especially when you are a woodworking enthusiast. This blog provides you various contents made by different professionals across the globe. The articles range from DIY wood works and other crafts. It also offers some of the cheapest ways on recreating your old materials.

Inside the Woodworking Network includes The Red Book Online, Cabinets and Closets and Interzum.

Highland Woodworking

Highland Woodworking is a good blog site to follow because it doesn’t just provide you helpful tips and techniques on how to do some DIY woodworking projects, it also provides some woodworking tools and hardware that could be useful for you. Some of them are on sales too! So aside from obtaining information about how setting up plans for your next DIY project, you are following an online shop too.

DIY Diva

DIY Diva is a site that gives you contents about DIY and house-related adventures. This blog is more personal and more about sharing some of her ideas on woodworks. The tutorials are made entertaining and in-depth mostly in a form of how-to posts. You are also exposed to woodworking tools that you can use. The site also provides helpful tips and techniques for you.

H2O Bungalow

H2O Bungalow blog is owned by Wendi who describes herself as a tool user, paint lover and a die hard DIYer as well as a home decorator. She loves to use home tools and designing and building things. Now you get the idea of what her blog site can provide you – an integration of all her passions. From DIY projects that make you create your own creative and well-designed home projects using the tools, you have in your home.

The Space Between Blog

The Space Between is a blog that will equip you tips, techniques and how-to articles about DIY woodworks. This site also share some of the information on how to effectively restructure and renovate your house without costing for professional fees – makes you do the stuff for yourself!

DIY Candy

DIY Candy is a blog site that you can follow especially when you are interested in all types of creativity from knitting to cooking to home décor. It gives you some creative tips on DIY projects that you can do in your house.


Bailegh is a website that manufactures metal and woodworking materials and is a good site to follow when you want to buy any equipment that you need for your woodworking projects. Baileigh Industrial Inc. is a trusted brand by customers and thus you surely recur when buying their products. So if you are having a hard time in picking up a good online shop, here’s a good option.

Charles and Hudson

Charles and Hudson are blog site that is driven by the best in trucks, technology, tools, gear and work wears. This is the site that you want if you are into the “masculine” work and what to know some helpful ideas and hacks – even if you are female, as long as you can drive the gear, this is the site for you!

Dukes and Duchesses

Dukes and Duchesses is a website that you can definitely follow especially when you are into exploring other unique ideas on DIY projects and works. You can find some of the content trying some of home and power tools used for different kinds of DIY tasks. Other contents include tips and techniques that you can apply in your homes.

Jen Woodhouse

Jen Woodhouse is another blog site you need to follow because it provides various woodworking ideas - tips and techniques, DIYs and how-tos, you name it. “Woodhouse” already gives you the content that this site gives – ranging from DIY Cabin bed to DIY kids’ indoor playhouse, this site would make things possible to achieve.


WWgoa stands for Woodworkers Guild of America. This site shares a lot of content about woods, and wood works. You get to learn from the professionals about wood stuff and home tools – all is provided with step by step how-tos tutorial articles and videos. You just need to subscribe and tada! You get all the benefits from professionals’ help and tips.

Addicted 2 DIY

Addicted 2 DIY is a blog to follow. This will provide you contents about Organization, DIY crafts, furniture projects especially for homes as well as ideas and insights about remodeling and some printable plans you can have access to. This site is all about making your homes more beautiful without costing much.

Erin Spain

Erin Spain is a blog site about DIYs. It started as DIY on the Cheap in 2012 and rebranded in 2016 to It gives content on tips and techniques about decorating, DIYs, and lifestyle topics. You will be provided with decorating ideas, crafts, DIY works ranging from small craft projects to furniture builds as well as travel posts.

This is Carpentry

You already know what this site gives you, right? This site is all about woods, woodworking, carpentry, wood and home tools. Basically, all about carpentry.

The articles include how-to articles ranging from how to install your doors to creating your own artistic stairs. This will provide you professional information and insights that would hone your carpentry skills.

Whether you are a carpenter, builder, contractors, here’s a good content!

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes is a good site to follow.

The website will provide you information and insights about how to make your simple home to a creative, well designed and a new one. It also provides you DIY step by step content you need.

The Domestic Heart

Domestic Heart provides you content more about decorations, creative DIY to recreate your old things – from the small chalkboard to bigger old furniture. This site will surely give you lots of insightful ideas to make your house more beautiful than ever.

The Turquoise Home

A blog owned by Laura, it is a site where you can be shared by different ideas on DIY home decors, crafts, recipes for natural health. Laura is a passionate writer, creative DIYer, entrepreneur and she wants to share all her knowledge with her readers!

Green with Décor

Green with Décor is your kind of blog to follow if you want to have various ideas when it comes to home renovation and decorations. The contents that are included are unique and creative ideas on decorating, easy-to-do and cheaper DIY projects, step by step how-to articles on renovations you can make and special DIY projects you can make during holidays.

It also provides blogging resources for people who want to create their own blogs.

Green with Décor

Green with Décor

Engrave in

Engrave in would help you hone your DIY craftsmanship especially when it focuses on giving you step by step instructions on how to make DIY projects from used old and used materials you have in your house. This also includes wood workings to produce fun and exciting handcrafted toys for your kids!

Designed Décor

Designed Décor is your typical site that deals all kinds of decorating, especially decorating furniture in your home. This site offers a wide variety of ways and creative ideas on decorations and creating your DIY decors – from small to standard woodworks, to create a good and more beautiful place to live in!

Circa Old House

Circa is another blog site that provides a great resource for old house lovers and dreamers out there. If you are so into fixing and rebuilding your old dull house because you like to have a historical one, never mind that and just buy a new one! This site will provide you lists of some of the most beautiful old homes for sale across the country.

Old Town Home

Old Town House is another blog site that would surely provide you content about designing your house – from designing your bathroom to living room. It does not just provide content on designing but also provides tips and techniques on creative remodeling and some DIY projects you can do.

Craving Some Creativity

Craving Some Creativity gives you contents including tutorials on how to make your own DIY projects and crafts, ideas and insights about home projects, and some creative and original recipes in cooking.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to be updated on current trends in home improvement and cooking recipes.

The Wood Grain Cottage

The Wood Grain Cottage is a good site to follow because it gives you a wide-ranged contents about how to improve your homes with just simple and doable steps.

This includes tips on how to design your bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms creatively and how to make creative finishings. You can gain access to its shop and e-books too!

My Outdoor Plans

My Outdoor Plans is the best site if you are looking for your woodworking plans. This cater on and provides step by step how to posts about anything that about wood works - from making a shed door and trims to making your own Shed Roof. This site will surely hone your carpentry skills.

Wilker dos

Wilker Do’s is a site you need to follow especially when you are interested in DIY projects for home improvement. This will provide you a great deal on practical and innovative ideas you can do in your very own house. Topics can include creating your own Axe handle to building your table and patio cover.

Ugly Duckling House

Ugly duckling House offers you contents about how to make your home from a simple to a beautiful one by providing you creative ideas and innovative designs for your DIY projects and crafts. All is doable and very simple. This will also hone your creative skills about producing practical yet artistic crafts - especially from wood.

Shades of Blue Interiors

Shades of Blue offers you three varieties of contents - Crafts, Home DIY, and Recipes. These includes, of course, creative and innovative ideas on how to make some fun crafts and projects. The Home DIY section offers some project ideas to help you rebuild and remake your old materials, making them new and artistic. Recipe section includes various foods – fruits, desserts, vegetables.

Rogue Engineer

Rogue Engineer provides you how-to articles and innovative ideas on designing your house, providing tips and techniques on rebuilding and finishing parts of it, and some creative DIY projects that are surely practical and doable at the same time.

The Girls Life Blog

This Girl’s Life is a blog site that offers a wide-range home topics, from DIY crafts and projects, home decors, tips on how to design your house, ideas on how to makes beautiful fixes on your things, to food ideas that are surely informative!

My Altered State

My Altered State is a blog site where you can obtain several ideas about home decorations, renovations, and home furniture remaking. This site typically tackles about wood works that you can do in your house - from finishing coffee tables to creating your DIY door house.

Elite Tools

Elite tools is a very good blog to follow as this site offers you insights about some of the best tools you can have and work on when making a home project. These tools range from simple to complex machines and this site gives you helpful information on how to use these tools as well as what to consider when buying one.

Lost Art Press

Lost Art Press gives you information and how-to tutorials for you to make and rebuild your own creative furniture. This site offers different woodworking activities and projects would hone your woodworking skills and capability.

Prodigal Pieces

Prodigal pieces is a blog site that offers different contents what would help you improve your house. In includes DIY tutorials, Furniture rebuilding and redesigning, home decorating, and of course, woodworking. If you are also looking for anything that is vintage, and antique, you can also shop through this site.

The Unplugged Wood Shop

The Unplugged Wood Shop is one of the best blogs you need to follow as it provides not just great products on sale but also course if you are eager to learn some woodworking skills and exp

ertise. Some of the materials are typical for woodworks which you can order directly through this site.

Craft and Tell

Craft and Tell does not just provides blog contents about DIY crafts, DIY decors, ideas about home tools and home projects, but also provides contents about foods and drinks, as well as inspirational journal and stories.

Reality Daydream

Reality daydream is a website that offers contents dedicated to woods and woodworking. If you visit this site, you would be plunged by different kinds of ideas, innovative designs, and plans that you can use your woodworking skills. This will surely hone your carpentry and wood-workmanship too!

Tools for Working Wood

Tools for Working Wood is a blog and at the same time an online shop where you can find a large variety of home improvement tools and woodworking tools. You can easily find what you are looking for because the tools are organized according to categories. Visit the site and find great tools for your own DIY projects.

A Concord Carpenter

A Concord Carpenter is all-for-one website which provides you a large variety of contents, not just about woods and carpentry. They also provide content about designs, contractor advice, remodeling ideas, home/personal safety procedures, tips for saving energy, ideas and tips on interior repairs, finish carpentry to landscape and electrical topics!


My Sweet Things is a blog site that provides you some of the DIY projects you can do in your house and provides a section where you the readers can share their thoughts about certain projects.

The great thing about this site is that all is made inspirational to motivate you in creating your own stuff and rebuilding things, recreating new materials from old ones.

By Brittany Gold WYN

By Brittany Gold WYN is a site where you can see a lot of different ideas about DIYs that are surely practical and doable inside your house.

The site also features neutral decors, plants, bargains, good furniture flip, bloody marys, and creativity of all sorts.

Create and Babble

Create and Babble is a site that can provide you contents about creative ideas on DIYs projects and tasks, crafts that you can do from cheaper materials, good lifestyle and homestyle which topics ranges from choosing the right decorations to cleaning and fixing home areas.

Natural Papa

Natural Papa is a site where you can find various contents about topics such as homebirth, homeschooling, natural health, natural foods, relationships, manliness, etc. Natural Papa focuses on natural parenting and fatherhood, home remedies for common children’s ailments, as well as other home fixes and repairs.


Dadand is typically for men and dads out there. This site provides contents categorized by Automotive, DIY projects, Food, Technology, Dad Gifts, Tools, Family as well as Reviews about certain home tools and products.

Wood Talk Online

Wood Talk Online is not your typical website. It offers a great mass of posts from different people around the globe categorized in different areas such as General Woodworking Talk, The Wood, Finishing, etc. It provides an interactive learning to the members who are online and willing to share some insightful experiences and innovative ideas to others. It also comes with a shop where you can browse for good tools online.

Shine Your Light Blog

Shine Your Light is a blog that offers easy-to-do DIY projects and crafts, step by step how-to tutorials are made for beginners so you are sure that you are able to do the steps instructed. This is the site where you can also get some insights about home decors and designs to make your home more beautiful.

Toms Work Bench

Tom’s Work Bench provides you contents that focus on woods and woodworkings. This includes tips, techniques, as well as plans and how-to tutorials about woodworking projects you can easily follow and do in your homes. Content provided also includes on how to effectively use some of the home tools available in the markets.

DJ Marks

DJ Marks site offers some of the categories: Classes includes group and private classes in Santa Rosa California, a Store which includes woodworking DVDs, digital downloads, tools, and supplies; Sculptures and Studios; as well as Free Videos. These all cater the site’s purpose which is to provide and offer inspiration to help woodworkers out there.

Merry Pad

This is another blog which is owned by Emily who is a home improvement enthusiast and who wants to share her passion and skills on how to improve and make your houses more beautiful by providing you ideas, how-to articles. This includes DIY projects from woods and other materials that can be found in your houses.

Thrift Diving

This blog is owned by Serena Appiah who has a great passion for thrift stores and power tools. You get the idea – she loves sharing her creative ideas about thrift materials and integrate them with creativity and woodworking skills to be able to create a newly formed designs for homes. Follow this blog to get some unique and cool ideas on how to redesign and redecorate your houses.

Paper Daisy Design

This blog is another good blog site to follow especially when you are interested to learn about different ideas on decorating every part of your house – bathroom, living room, bedroom. It also offers DIY woodworkings and crafts that you can use as decorations.

The Handy Man’s Daughter

This site offers various contents such as tips and ideas about Home Improvement, DIY Décor, techniques and plans on woodworking. It also includes some of the helpful techniques on gardening and how to use some gardening tools available in the markets.

DIY Pete

DIY pete is more than just a DIY site, as it offers different contents ranging from DIY Tool Scholarship, how-to tutorials, and others. Some of the DIY projects offered would really hone your skills though they are made very simple so you can follow through. Projects include carving your own bear out of wood, and other interesting and creative projects!

Our House Now a Home

This blog site is what you need especially when you are different kinds of designs and DIY décor for your house.

It also offers contents such as how-to posts to make different kinds of basic furniture and to rebuild old materials, making them new and beautiful for a perfect home.

NorthWest Wood Working

NorthWest Wood Working is not your typical blog as it provides not just contents on like how-to tutorials but also provides intensive teaching through online courses, lectures, and workshops.

You can surely hone your woodworking and carpentry skills through their detailed video tutorial and other resources.

Make and Tell

Make and Tell is a blog by Steph which aims to give you various designs that you can apply in creating your DIY projects and crafts. This site provides you some ideas about craft projects and artistic resources that make your life more beautiful. Be inspired by these cute little crafts that you can do by yourself using cheaper materials.

The Geek Pub

The Geek Pub does not just provide tips and techniques about wood workings and projects but also give you some of the coolest innovative designs that mostly deal with electrical and technological stuff.

This includes creating your own woodwork to design arcade cabinets, IPAD arcade tablet and even creating your own lowrider skateboard. Visit and follow the site to get these cool and creative ideas!

Stine Wood Working

Stine Wood Working is a blog site owned by David Stine, who is an award-winning furniture maker that has an extraordinary craftsmanship with sustainable practices. With this site, you are provided with a lot of David’s woodwork designs ranging from tables, chairs, and other home furniture. His designs portray natural, singular beauty of the wood.

You can also share your part when purchasing through choosing the styles and the slabs.

Two Purple Couches

Two Purple Couches is made by Emily whose passion is to infuse colors and artistry into crafts, DIY crafts, and decorating projects.

She also aims to share and teach her readers to be passionate, creative and discover new skills as well as to inspire them to make their own crafts and projects.

The DIY projects can range to suit your everyday outfit to your home decorations. Everything is made easy and doable so that everyone is able to be creative and artistic.

Crafty Gemini

Crafty Gemini is owned by Vanessa which provides different sorts of crafty inspiration, ideas and project tutorials. These tutorials are aided with videos detailing the step by step process.

You would be adding knowledge about woodworking because the tutorial includes activities from sewing, quilting to simple woodworking projects.

She even provides ways on soap-making and organic gardening.

Kristine Eldridge

Kristine Eldridge is a photographer in Long Beach CA, who loves to take pictures of babies, children, family etc. Aside from being a photographer, she also has a skill in cooking and crafting.

Her eye for a good portrait makes her capable of deciding good choices in home and furniture designing. She and her website can be a good resource to develop good angling on your home designs.

Shelter Publications

In Shelter Publications, you are provided with some contents and topics that are useful, beneficial and practical – from carpentry, homesteading, gardening, and home arts.

It also features a different kind of houses and provided details on each design, allowing you to make your knowledge about woodworking designs more profound.

This site posts contents from different writers to provide you various experiences and insights.

Wood Worker SUK

Wood Worker SUK is a family company specializing in the manufacture of made to measure wooden gates, garage doors, and general joinery items. It also provides contents that are helpful for your woodworking skills and some facts and information about different kinds of woods out there.

It also includes contents about carpentry and basic guide and how-to articles to help you design your own woodworks such as garage doors, wooden gates, and more.


Paoson is a very helpful blog you can ever visit for your woodworking projects or home projects. It doesn’t just provide you some tips and techniques on how to use certain home and woodworking tools, or provide reviews on some of the current and most used tools and machinery, but also provides very practical DIYs projects and tools you can use anytime, anywhere. You can even make your own DIY varnishing paint!

Bridge City Tools

Bridge City Tools was established by John Economaki and has been producing innovative heirloom tools for woodworkers and collectors nationwide. Aside from producing materials, this company’s site also offers blog contents to give you helpful and practical help and tips you can apply in your projects.

It also offers a Forum section where everyone is able to share experiences and insights with fellow woodworkers and collectors.

DIY Danielle

DIY Danielle is a website that provides detailed content about how to create your DIYs projects and crafts. It also contains some of the helpful how-to articles that you can do in your house - from learning how to yoga mat bag to how to make decorations and decors.


RobinWood is a website where you can see different wood creations and projects ranging from wooden spoons, bowls, and other potteries that are perfectly designed though handwork. Here, you are given sample projects as well as a tutorial to enable you to make your own woodworking tasks. You are also provided with some woodworking tools where you can shop and order through the site.

Reinvented KB

Reinvented KB is a site owned by Kimm which gives you craft projects, decorating tips, and DIY ideas that are comparatively cheaper than others. This includes teaching you how to make your DIY woodworking projects such as wood frames, recreating and recycling old and scrapped materials and making them completely new furniture for your houses. All of these are guaranteed attainable for a tight budget. is an online shop that also provides blog contents that deal with arts and culture crafts and materials, house materials, tips and helpful advice for jewelry and fashion trends as well as for baby and children tips on buying things.

Their online shop also provides materials and tools talking about those matters.

The English Woodworker

The English Woodworker offers different kinds of contents and aims to share with you the passion for traditional woodworking and keep you updated on the going on in their workshop.

The site will provide you ideas about building high-quality workbenches and other furniture projects together with some of the best tools and techniques used.

DIY Huntress

DIY Huntress Is a blog site owned by Sam, a yoga teacher, and a Ph.D. student. She specializes in basic woodworking projects, home improvement ideas, and creative crafts.

The best part of it is that these are doable and attainable on a tight budget. This site provides free step by step ideas who are interested in finding new ways to add creative projects into their own experience.

Fix This Build That

Fix This Build That is a website which you can follow if you are interested to learn about home and woodworking tools and how to effectively use them in your home projects.

This site will also provide you contents such as how-to articles and some DIY woodworking projects’ ideas and tips.

This is a great source for woodworking information and valuable updates on woodworking plans.

Where the Smiles Have Been

Where the Smiles Have Been is a site designed to give you some cute DIY crafts and projects mainly focusing on baby projects and materials.

This includes basic woodworking projects and crafts you can do with the affordable prize and fewer costs. Some of the site’s features include home-to contents and sample projects you can copy anytime.


Stu’s Shed is blog site own by no other than the name itself – Stu. This site offers contents ranging from woodworking ideas and plans, woodworking best tools, and techniques, generally focusing on using traditional hand tools and methods.

It has grown to cover reviews, how-to articles, and more in-depth articles about the technology behind the tools as well as answering questions posted from readers.

Julien le Comte

Julien le Comte is a blog site owned and authored by Julien Lecomte who writes about amateur astronomy and woodworking.

His love for woodworking and his technical interests together with his operating system and web technology skills enabled him to create this website.

It offers various topics about woodworking that provide tips and helpful advice and tutorials.

Rennaisance Woodworker

Rennaisance Woodworker is a blog site that provides various contents all about woodworking tools, plans, and projects.

It is also an online shop where you can have different ideas about the new and most used tool in the markets.

It also contains videos, podcasts, and wood talk which provides an avenue to answer some of the reader’s questions.

Nourish and Nestle

Nourish and Nestle is a blog site that focuses on creative living and delicious eating. It provides different DIY projects you can do in your house and some of the creative crafts and décors you can use in beautifying your home. It also provides contents on some of its delicious recipes you can copy.

Built by Kids

Built by Kids is a one of a kind website that provides you some extraordinary woodworking projects that enable you to create and build your own kitchen toy and thrilling backyard roller coasters. Yes, you heard that right. Nothing is impossible with this website and its ability to provide you detailed step by step how-to tutorials to create your own one-of-a-kind woodworking project.

DIY wood-boat

DIY wood-boat is a site that – yes – talks about boats and other related ideas. This is one way of providing you activities and avenue to hone your woodworking skills. This site offers contents such as tips, techniques, and notes you need to consider on wooden boat building, restoration and maintenance. The tips are doable and the steps are easy-to-follow.

Fine Furniture Maker

Fine Furniture Maker is established by David Savage in 1983. This company offers a professional and standard woodworking courses and furniture design courses in their internationally renowned woodworking school. It also provides courses in designing and making bespoke luxury furniture for clients.

Full Chisel

Full Chisel is a business blog site that provides some of business’ book updates and contents. This site talks about wood and woodworking projects, specifically small ones.

It also offers its own tools and shaped wooded materials that you can use in your house. Visit the site and see what it has to offer!

Matts Basement Workshop

Matts Basement Workshop is a blog site you can follow because it provides different contents focusing on woods and woodworking projects.

Aside from this, it also offers contents such as how-to articles aided with video tutorials as well as sample projects that would give you helpful ideas and insights and tool reviews.

Anikas DIY life

Anikas DIY Life is a site owned by Anika who inspire and encourage beginners DIYers and home décor enthusiasts to think creatively and complete tasks and projects on their own.

The site offers some of her DIY wooden projects - benches, storages, etc. which you can access. It also offers home decorating tips and techniques to beautify your homes.

Sustain Life

Sustain Life is a blog site that advocates culture and rural life. The goal of this website is to transmit a vision for a cohesive, integrated, agrarian way of life while being respectful of the natural environment.

It aims to provide knowledge essential for human needs on a sustainable basis.

Philadelphia Furniture Workshop

Philadelphia Furniture Workshop is a nonprofit and full-service teaching studio provided for those who are interested in woodworking.

Its goal is to provide a broad range of hands-on classes for woodworkers of all levels, including beginners. Throughout the year, furniture making courses are offered on weekends and in the evenings.

Daed Tool Works

Daed Tool Works is about tools. Yes, various woodworking tools. This site also provides you some ideas and insights about construction and rebuilding wooden materials and furniture in your house.

This site can be a good source of knowledge especially when you are still learning on woodworking activities.

Woodspirit Handcraft

Woodspirit Handcraft is a site designed to provide you woodworking contents as well as workshops that serve as a very good resource for honing your woodworking craftsmanship.

Aside from workshops and article contents, it also provides an online shop that offers a lot of woodworking tools that you can use.


Shopnotes is a website where you can have access to different magazines that provide various contents about woodworking projects and woodworking tools.

The magazines include best tips, tools, and techniques in guiding you to create and build your own DIY woodworking projects at home.

Mikes Workshop

FLYING DUTCHMAN scroll saw blades are made from high-quality steel. We have used blades from many sources and manufacturers. This site is an online shop for these items. If you are planning on a woodworking project, consider having these tools for better output.


Handkrafted is a blog site with various authors contributing to the site’s contents. The site features woodworking projects and DIY wood works you can do in your house. Because there are various authors, you are provided with different and various perspectives, ideas, innovations that will surely benefit you and would hone your woodworking skills.

Make Something

Make Something is a blog site owned by David Picciuto, who is a full-time online content creator, designing, creating and teaching the art of woodworking. He has an art background that he incorporates into his projects and focus on originality and design. His blog site can really help you to hone your woodworking skills.

Crates and Pallet

Founded in 2012, an extension of Houseworks Ltd, Crates & Pallet shares history of home improvement and makes new crates and pallets in various sizes that are sold to major big box retailers. They have a workshop on-site to develop project ideas for the every-person and produce one-off products for those die-hard crates and pallet fans.

Jon Peters

Jon Peters is a blog site owned by no other than - John Peters who is a professional artist and craftsman specializing in hand made furniture and custom commissioned artwork. With almost 25 years experience he has designed this site to be a helpful hand for the Do it yourself a weekend warrior, and also he is a trusted mentor for the serious artist and art student. Follow this site and learn from Jon.

Minimalist Woodworker

Don’s Barn

Don’s Barn is more of a personal and family blog that features different experiences and woodworking projects. It provides unique and original outputs, ideas and insights from first-hand experiences. This talks about a barn and the going-on as well as tips and helpful articles for your woodworking projects.

Joe Woodworker

Jon Woodworker is a blog site that provides an inspirational way on how to be passionate on woodworking and helps you create, build your DIY woodworking projects and crafts. It also provides how-to articles and tutorials on how to create and build your own wood works in a creative and innovative way.

Flair Woodworks

Flair Woodworks is an online shop made by Chris Wong in Vancouver, BC. The site basically features some of his woodwork projects - tables, furniture, storage, 3D Jigsaw Puzzles and more.

It also features his blogs tackling about his experiences and expert advice on some woodwork projects and buildings.

PT Wood School

Port Townsend School of Woodworking is an online school that offers online woodworking classes and courses.

It aims to provide the knowledge and develop skills in craftsmanship as well as to share education in woodworking and traditional; building trades. This is a great online resource to develop your skills.

This Old Workshop

This Old Workshop is a website that offers contents tackling about woodworking project plans, articles about certain tips and techniques you can do, as well as tool reviews to help you decide which tool is best and which tool to buy.

It also contains access to their podcast for a variety of informative sources.

One Wood

One Wood is all about Woodworking Projects, Free Woodworking plans and tons of fun. Their how to Woodworking projects videos on YouTube Channel are designed to educate and inspire woodworkers from the novice building their first project to the hardcore. With this site, you can learn many Woodworking techniques like how to apply a finish, joint construction, use a table saw, build a router table and more.

Lady and the Carpenter

Lady and the Carpenter is a blog site owned by Hilary and Kevin, and provides tips, techniques on how to do basic DIY woodworking projects and crafts.

One of its DIY outputs is the Kevin’s clothespin. It also features some of the unique uses of this clothespin that you can do in your homes.

Woodworking News

Woodworking News is a blog site that offers a various resource to develop your skills in woodworking and your capability in carpentry. It provides free catalog as well as woodworking classes and projects.

You can also gain access to some of their woodworking tips and techniques and as an expert to answer your difficult questions.

Wood by Toth

Toth’s keen eye for detail and craftsmanship brings client’s visions to life as a lasting piece for generations. He skillfully creates each work not only as functional within the home but also to be enjoyed as a rare object of beauty.

He transforms each piece of wood with an eclectic array of styles and believes the heart of the work lies within the choice of wood, grain, and texture. Follow the site and get updated by his works and activities on woodworking projects and crafts.

The Rugged Rooster

The Rigged Home is a blog site that typically provides some of the best designs and home decors that you can copy as DIYs. Aside from this, this site offers different tips and techniques about woodworking projects – from basic to complex ones.

Hugh Miller Furniture

Hugh Miller is an award-winning contemporary applied artist specializing in studio furniture in wood. Hugh trained as an architect and sees his work as small pieces of architecture, where the concept is embedded in the intricacy of the detail.

Made in English elm and brass, Hugh’s work explores contrast: between texture and smoothness; between hidden and visible; between plane and lath; and between lightness and solidity. Follow him to get updates and be inspired.


SRWW is a blog site where you can see various contents about wood, woodworking plans, and projects as well as articles about tip and techniques. Video tutorials are provided too. Te contents are published by multiple authors from different blog websites. Surely, you are bombarded with lots of contents and knowledge.

Pink Toes and Power Tools

As a Pink Toes and Power Tools reader, you will get DIY instruction and inspiration in home remodeling and decorate, with an emphasis on woodworking. The projects on this blog are all done by Kristen.

She was a seasoned DIYer in sewing and painting prior to beginning this blog but was a complete newbie in woodworking. You can follow her adventures on her first projects. This is relatable especially when you are still starting up.

Fun with Woodworking

Fun with Woodworking is a site that talks about woods, wood designs, and wood project plans. Basically, all about woods.

This includes some of the helpful tips and insights about creating your DIY woodworking projects and providing external contents from known blog websites.

Expand your knowledge as you are provided with lots and various woodworking resources.

Piranha Tools

PiranhaTools select the best hand tools direct from manufacturers around the globe and courier them straight to you from our NZ warehouse.

That means you get the best, and fast, with local customer support. They recognize retail is changing.

Consumers have massive product choices in a global market place and so the site does all the work to provide you the best test products in the market.

Ar Workshop

Anders Ruff® has been your source for creative and inspiring graphic design, DIY projects and party inspiration.

They offer DIY workshops that feature step by step instruction for learning unique skills and creating charming, unique and on-trend home decor pieces and beyond.

Their projects are customizable and will teach you techniques that you can use for doing your own DIY crafts at home with a variety of materials!

360 Woodworking

360 Woodworking can be your typical magazine, only the images are made bigger, there is in-depth tutorial about how to make DIY furniture from woods and woodworks, and there is video tutorial too that offers great help and insights.

They throw in a website with new content constantly being uploaded, and books with many of the same features. Plus, the whole kit and caboodle are run by woodworkers.

Follow the site to be updated with these woodworkers projects and activities.


Woodooz started initially to showcase their creative outcomes and then in due course started adding how-tos and FAQs that they thought might be purposeful for their readers.

This then becomes a blog that provides contents about your typical doable DIY crafts and projects – ranging from wooded materials to others. It also includes some helpful and practical tips and creative designs for home decors.


Rob Porcaro has more than 35 years experience in woodworking. His work has been exhibited in premier juried artisan shows, fine galleries, and numerous publications. His technical expertise is known and trusted in the field of woodworking as a widely published writer.

The Heartwood blog features high-level techniques, tool skills and evaluations, ideas for setting up your shop, practical woodworking jigs, in-depth knowledge of wood, and insights into the craft. All are presented in a clear, readable style with useful accompanying photos.

Mark Love Furniture

Mark Love Furniture is a blog that shares the author’s passion for woodworking activities and projects.

The site also features some of his woodworking products and outputs as well as other author’s articles which share and provide various ideas and insights about the field.

It also features a different kind of houses and provided details on each design, allowing you to make your knowledge about woodworking designs more profound.

Garage Woodworks

Garage Woodworks is a website that features sample wood works ranging from small wooden objects to home furniture. You can also see unique creations and buildings with unique designs. The site also provides you step by step how-to tutorial to share the methods of doing such wooden works.

Binky’s Woodworking

Binky’s Woodworking is a site where you are provided different contents about woodworking. The site features sections such as samples of the owner’s woodworking, woodworking tips, how-to articles, and even an access to his online shop for woodworking tools. There is a section that offers other resources for learning woodworking stuff to really help you be skillful on the field.

Monarch Metal

Monarch Metal Fabrication is a site that provides various products as well as other related materials that you can choose from to use for your home projects. It also provides some articles that give tips and techniques on various topics and how-to articles to provide a step by step tutorial. It also offers free catalog you can view through this site.


Jack-Bench is a site that features the author;s product – the Jack Bench. Jack Bench is a versatile, customizable workbench that is adjustable height, mobile, and built with ergonomics in mind. You can’t only find plans for the Jack Bench here, but you can also find other useful resources and information for woodworkers of all skill levels. This includes workbench plans, DIY wood workbench plans, etc.

Woodshop Mike

Woodshop Mike is another site which is at the same time, an online shop where you can order woodworking tools you need. Aside from this, the site also offers contents such as product reviews and sample woodworking projects that could give you ideas and insights when you are creating your own projects.

Wacky Woodworks

Here they post their weekend activities in general woodworking, however not just wood working there will be other projects as well from general DIY to just making woodworking stuff. The site also includes shops where you can purchase some of the helpful tools you can use.

You can also find some of the sample projects the blogger has to give you ideas on woodworking projects and you get to see different home and woodworking tools.

Jdloh School for Woodworking

This site offers an online course for who those who are interested in woodworking. It provides total immersion on machine based woodworking and furniture making classes. This course is specifically designed for working adults with beginner, intermediate and advanced experience levels. If you are interested in learning, you can visit the site and give a try.

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  1. Nice tips! Building your own home workshop can morph into a VERY expensive project if you don’t know what to watch out for.

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    Recently, I came across a course that shows you how to do it all from sourcing quality tools and free lumber to step-by-step ideal shop blueprints.

    As a veteran woodworker with 25 years of experience, the course author’s experience is unmatched and you won’t find a more in-depth program anywhere else.

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