How ToGlue Felt To Wood

How To Glue Felt To Wood – A Guidance To Doing It

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Even if you are novice in woodwork, gluing felt to wood should not be too difficult for you to do. But it can be a little tricky because felt tends to soak up glue and thereby create a whole mess.

The strategy should be to be precise and careful with it. Don’t do this in a hurry or you will have to do it all over again.


How To Glue Felt To Wood?


Quality felts are very necessary otherwise the soaking problem will not be avoided. That is the reason why recommended billiard cloth which are of a much higher quality than any other blend of felt.

Use "Weldwood Contact Cement" to fasten real Velvet, or felt, to wood and you will see the difference if you have tried anything else before. Try not to overspray anywhere. Here are some tips to achieve it:

  • Brush a very thin coat onto the cloth. Very thin, and I mean so thin that you will have merely tiny little pin head size balls of glue on the velvet or felt surface. I use a very soft 1/4" wide brush and load it just 1/4" up the bristles for really small jobs.

    And so far as the bigger jobs are concerned, I use the cheap China paint brushes and clean them with lacquer thinner after gluing.
  • Brush a very thin coat of Contact Cement onto the wood. Again, a very thin coat is all that is needed.
  • Let the cement dry both on the cloth and on the wood.
  • Carefully position the cloth over the wood and press down gently.
Glue Felt To Wood via BRIT+CO

Glue Felt To Wood via BRIT+CO

The Weldwood Contact Cement (11.49$ for a pint can) has the ability to hold cloth tightly to wood. Once it's on, it's ON!And with a little brushing on of contact cement you will find that there will be absolutely no over-spray anywhere.

Use the foam brushes to apply glue and a roller to flatten the felt (but it is optional; you can very well use a heavy book or something even like your bare hands, to do the same).

Be very fast but precise with the whole process otherwise, if the glue starts to dry you will be in a whole lot of trouble. Here’s video to help you out:

Lining a wooden box via Doug Stowe

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  1. hope this helps in my attempt to make my own dining room table pads – ordered ones can be anywhere from $300 to $500. If you have any other tricks up you sleeve to assist in this, I’d be very interested. I want to make a 36″W x 72″L folding felt bottomed table pad. I’m going to use 3 pieces of hardboard (24″x36″x1/8″) and attach felt to one side (somehow leaving room to fold between each board) and perhaps attach a water protective vinyl on the other side. wish me luck!!!

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