Top 100 Home Improvement Blogs to Follow

Searching for a good blog or service for home improvement can be a tedious search online. This is why we provide you a list of blogs that can help you with your home improvement projects.

Some of these websites do not just provide blog articles that offer tips and helpful advice but also services and products, as we provide you skilled and professional company blogs.


Top Home Improvement Blogs You'll Need To Follow

Life in Italy

Life in Italy is a website that covers multiple aspects of Italian contemporary life and tourism. You can have a glimpse of Italian culture because you are provided with sections such as Food and Wines, Lifestyle, Fashion and Home and Garden.

For home improvement, they provide various interior designs, furniture, decorating tips and techniques, and different Italian decors. You can also learn Italian and browse many travel spots in Italy through the site. Surely, an all-for-one Italian experience.

Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation website will give you tips for small to big DIY projects. Aside from this, this site is equipped with articles and videos on how to rebuild your house in a creative way with helpful DIY designs and crafts you can use as decorations. It also provides steps on how to use some of the tools commonly used renovating your home and making your own decors for home improvement.

Addicted to Decorating

Addicted to Decorating is a website owned by Kristi who is a “decorator-turned-blogger and a DIY fanatic”. Her website would provide you with contents such as small to big DIY projects that you can apply in your houses. It also gives you some decorating ideas and creative DIY decors as well as tips and techniques for home renovation and restructuring.

Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog is a blog site you need to follow when you have so much interest in shopping for garments for home improvement. This site assists people, retail designers, and visual merchandisers to provide news and information about retail trends and solutions.

They present interesting concepts and designers can share views and ideas as well as comment on the blog. As a shopper, you are provided with the better shopping experience.

Home Design

Home Design can provide you different ideas on interior designing and designs that you can easily apply in your houses. This is provided with details and pictures so you can easily browse designs that suit your preferences.

The designs come from different parts of the world – form contemporary designs in Germany, Venezuela, etc. From rooms, veranda, kitchen – you are given different ideas on renovation and provided with a picture of architecture for various options.

 Home Design

Home Design

Home Adore

Home Adore is a website that talks about house architecture and interior designing. It provides different ideas and DIY projects for your interior and different kinds and styles of furniture that could suit your preferences and taste. It does not include interior designing and planning but also includes ideas on how to design your garden and home lighting.

Sear’s Home Services

Sears Home Services is a company that provides services for your entire home, from appliance care to interior and exterior upgrades. They have been relied on appliance purchases, service, protection, and parts as well as for providing good quality repair services and ideas on home improvement and interior designing.

Home improvement includes refacing cabinets, new siding and windows, and other things that would provide you help in your houses. They also provide home cleaning services.

La Dolce Vita Blog

La Dolce Vita Blog is a blog site Paloma Contrepas who is a design blogger and at the same time design blogger and a decorator. She has been featured by multiple publications and websites after she launch La Dolce Vita which became a popular blog across the globe. This site would give you various interior design stories, new decorating ideas, fashion and accessories updates, and unique perspectives in DIY decors. It features travel blog-contents too!

Mom Blog Society

Mom Blog Society is a website that focuses on providing articles of tips and techniques that you can do to improve your house and garden. This includes some of the helpful ways on improvising some of your old materials, or fixing broken things and making them new and well-designed.

It also features articles dedicated to moms out there and even empower women entrepreneurs experts to contribute in the blog.


Safety is a website that provides information to educate the public and improve your home security and overall safety. This provides some of the reminders as well as tips to straighten security in your homes.

It was created with the problem of rampant burglar in Unites States. It includes research on best practices on home safety instructions, evaluations of company and equipment for consumers, manuals doe installing home security upgrades, city reports and state reports.

The Painted Hive

The Painted Hive is blog site owned by Kristine who considered herself as a home enthusiast who want to provide you affordable projects, ideas and inspiration for your homes.

The website includes collection of her home projects that would give you ideas on creating your own, free printables for home design and decors, ideas on crafts and DIYs for home decorating, how-to articles, and online shop to help you choose the best materials and equipment you can use the for home improvement.

Nina Hendrick

Nina Hendrick is a blog owned by – Nina Hendrick who likes to create beauty out of simple materials and ideas. In her website, you are provided with different ideas on interior designing and decorating. These include DIY crafts and her sample projects as well as tips and techniques and how-to articles for simple instructions. Her blog also contains simple and doable project plans and home design plans.


Zamen Blog is an official blog site of Zamrrn Media (Pvt) Ltd. and is authored by Samra Zulfiqar, the assistant editor. This blog site is an all-for-one blog. It covers anything from providing you details on how to buy houses to decorating them.

On the “Home Décor” section, you are provided with articles about home interior and exterior designs that come with images. It also features small house projects that you can improvise and apply to your homes. It also highlights trending housing schemes for you.


Pro is a kind of website that doesn’t just provide you tips, techniques and how-to articles about home improvement but also offers news and trends in as well as trades and skills.

Home improvement section focuses on DIY crafts that are simple and doable and simple projects for renovation and redesigning rooms and houses as a whole.

You are also provided with trivia and helpful information that could help you be practical and efficient in your houses.



DIY Diva

DIY Diva is a site that gives you contents about DIY and house-related adventures.

This blog is more personal and more about sharing some of her ideas on simple to complex handicrafts for decorating and renovation.

The tutorials are made entertaining and in-depth mostly in a form of how-to posts. You are also exposed to home tools that you can use for your home improvement. The site also provides helpful tips and technique for you.


Coolboom is a website that provides a wide variety of knowledge and information about home improvement. The website is categorized into Architecture, Landscape Desaign, Interior Design, and Furniture Design. Just typically anything you would want when you like renovating and restructuring your houses with your own tools and/or hands.


Hotondo is a good website to follow because you are provided with various home design samples for ideas and details.

These all come with pictures and gallery. When you are planning to buy a new house or you want to do renovation ,you can also find, choose and contact homebuilders, or you can find house and land and pick according to your preferences.


Junkmail website provides you consistent upload of blogs and information. The contents include interior and exterior designing, ideas and tips on how to renovate parts of your houses.

It also teaches you some of the small and doable DIY projects for your homes - small DIY crafts to small woodwork projects.

It also contains some tips on how to choose the right design for your interior and exterior.

DIY Chatroom

DIY Chatroom is basically a website that provides avenue for people who to share their experiences, project plans, insights, ideas, sample projects to people across the globe. This is a forum where members are able to select a topic or a room that they want to visit. These forums are in a form of articles and blogs to be able to provide a comprehensive input and content to their fellow professionals and users. You can also gain rewards.


Protect Painters

Protect Painters is a blog that talks about – of course, paint. This is a website of ProTect Painters company that provides residential and commercial services in painting every part of your house - inside out.

Aside from telling you their locations and call numbers, the website provides bog contents to help you even when you are at home and want to do the job on your own. Here, you get to know paints that are eco-friendly, the right color for your home design as well as practical and beautiful trends and tips you can apply.

Home Design Find

Home Design Find is a blog that provides you home designs that you can do in your house as well as ideas that you can apply in redesigning. Here, you are also provided with lots of home tools and items that are chosen based on their quality and prize. This site also highlights hottest home design trends and innovations as well as the products and items you need to buy.

It covers anything - from furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, architecture, interior design, exterior design, proper and hottest lighting, etc. You can also sign up and get daily updates about the blog.

Home Stratosphere

Home Stratosphere is the most suave website that features beautiful houses across the globe. From bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, to kitchen, you are given some of the most elegant and beautiful houses with beautiful interior designing and makeover. The blog contents are mostly in a list-post to really provide you a lot of contents in one reading.

It also gives tips and techniques for house improvement. Aside from this, it features exterior designing and showcase homes of real people. It even features celebrity homes to indulge yourself in.

Shore West

Shore West is a blog site owned by John A. Horning whose mission is to give his clients with a quality customer service. This website is a company that provides different kinds of services but primarily focuses on providing real estate agents. Another services include interior and exterior designing. It provides you creative ideas for you to apply in your houses.

It features some of the hottest interior designs. This includes the proper color blending and such. You can contact agents, you can buy as well as sell houses – all are featured in the website.

We Love Home Blog

We Love Home Blog is a personal blog of Maxine whose job as an interior stylist made her able to create beautiful designs and interior plans on a small budget.

It started with the need to restructure her house with a small budget, until the passion for home improvement emerged.

Now, she wants to share about her home’s renovation ideas and techniques as well as makeover projects that are surely simple and doable. The website is provided with a lot of images and videos.

It includes interior styling techniques and lifestyle tips. You are also given how-to blog contents for DIY crafts and projects.


PPIW stands for Public Policy Institute for Wales. This organization that offers wide-ranged services was established in 2004, features not just housing but also Brexit, economy, education, finance, health and social care, natural resources and sustainable development, policy making, tackling poverty, public services, etc .

When you explore their website, you can see at the left tab, there is a section for housing. There, you can see various blogs that talk about hottest news and information about

So in you are a news person, this is a fit blog site to follow.

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty is a warranty service that offers comprehensive protection against high cost repair or replacement of properly maintained major systems and appliances.

They provide call free claim when there is repair emergency. They also have service technicians that could provide help to you in phone and in person.

In their website, you can see different services offered such as list of homeowners, home buyers, home sellers, real estate professionals, service contractors and account center.

Basically, an all for the one website where any contact you need is provided.

Task Easy

Task Easy Blog helps your property on the market. When you go into the Task Easy website, you can see different services.

As a homeowner, I am sure you find services like lawn mowing and snow removal and other yard maintenance very helpful. They provide these!

If you are a property manager, you are also provided services especially designed for you too. If you are a contractor, they also offer a TaskEasy app that helps you reschedule your jobs in an easier way and without compromising your customer.

All you need to do is fill up the form and you’re good to go!

Blinds Galore

Blinds Galore is a website where you are provided with contents such as different kinds of windows, décor inspiration, and other window and blind-related articles. You can see great mass images for you to see different decorations and kinds of windows and for you to choose what fits for your homes.

They also provide articles that feature DIY window projects and DIY crafts to be used as decorations. Here, you would learn an artful way of designsing your window as well as restructuring it in a more beautiful and easy way.

House in Progress

House Progress is where you can see a lot of designs you can put and remake to apply in your houses. It has a diary section where you are able to see the blogger’s personal life and experience of her personal home makeovers.

In the upper portion of the website, you can also see categories of “Ideas”, “Reviews” and “Shop”. The idea section features items and furniture that you can put in your home while the review section provides reviews for tools, items, etc. The shop section highlights magazines and books.

House and Fig

House and Fig is a home renovation and design blog run by a married couple who bought a very old home which has a fig tree. Hence the name of the blog.

Aside from giving you blog articles about interior and exterior designing, garden improvement tips and projects, the website also includes tips and techniques in how-to articles for you to be knowledgeable about the proper and correct tools and equipment under their “Resources” category. It also highlights DIY crafts and projects for renovation and decoration.

Mova International

Mova International is an expanding global corporation that offers advanced, eco-friendly technologies both in their firm and their website. It was created by William French who has a degree in physics and has spent his years on working and inventing things.

Their website offers their very own creations, and other informative articles about latest, cheap and green technology you can have in your homes. The site also contains images and videos featuring their technologies and how they could beautify your homes in the greenest and most technological way possible.

Fresh Design Blog

Fresh Design Blog is a UK-based blog launched in 2009 and is run by a freelance home, interiors and property writer Rachel Newcombe. It aims to give you a modern and contemporary home interior design contents.

It provides decorating inspirations and ideas for both of your house and garden. It also provides some special offers and bargains for home decors and accessories. The website highlights various ideas about interior and exterior plans and products from high street stores to well-known and expensive stores.

Italian Bark

Italian Bark is a blog site owned by Elisabetta Rizzato who graduated as an architect and who has a passion for interior designing. Aside from her very organized website structure, her site provides various contents about interior designing and commercial space planning.

You are provided with a functional layout that make most of the space in your house, and proposal of different furniture and finishing ideas. Her designs are mostly Italian and Scandinavian which has a eclectic influence. What is good about her website is that there can be a virtual version of the design. Cool, right?

Reliable Remodeler

Reliable Remodeler is a home improvement contractor matching service company.

Their website offers not just home services such as finding a good contractor and a professional remodeler (e.g painters, roofers, landscapers, etc.) but also offers some remodeling ideas on its pages.

On the upper corner, you can see a “Get Remodeling Ideas” section. From there, you can choose varieties of articles such as how-to and list-post articles.

You can also easily browse related projects by providing the type of category you want to focus on.

Horse Properties

Horse Properties is a website that features horse services. It provides help, ideas, and advice on how to efficiently sell your horse property.

If you are interested in buying a good horse, don’t worry because the website offers horse auction properties to details about houses, and barns. It also features helpful articles.

Favorite Paint Colors Blog

Favorite Paint Colors Blog is blog site that is run by Kristin who started to love decorating and doing some home tips read by other bloggers. She especially loves how paints can transform the house into a very beautiful home.

The website is combination of favorite paint colors from around the blog land to help give you inspiration for your next painting project and to make the “picking out” a little stressful for you. In this site, the paints are categorized by color and room so you wont have a difficult time picking what’s your type.

The Estate of Things

The Estate of Things is a blog site by Betsy and Sarah who want to share their love for everything that is house - from interiors to curb matters. Their website provides you home décor, and historic renovation as well as a lifestyle with a bicoastal design sensibility that is inspired by Southlands of the East and West Coasts.

Here, you are given contents such as tips and technique when renovating, as well as great ideas for home decors that you can easily apply in your houses.

Timber Haven Log Homes

Timber Haven Log Homes is a company that provides you quality yet affordable kiln-dried log homes, timber frame homes and log cabins. This is composed of trained professionals in the log home industry. They also offer engineered logs and traditional solid logs for sale.

In their website, you are provided with their activities as well as the going-ons in their company. They also give you tips from choosing a design to making a good home purchase. Aside from their products, they also exhibit different plans and resources to equip you at deciding.

Home Lane

Home Lane provides you everything you need for home improvement - modular kitchens, storage units, prayer units, painting and wallpapers, false ceiling, furniture, you name them. if you want to renovate and redo your home, you can try having their service for help. They give 5-year warranty and a 45-day installation guarantee.

In their website, you cans see the rooms they have done and blog that provides different kinds of interior and exterior designs and home keepings. The articles are mostly how-tos and list articles to provide you many informative details about home renovation and restructuring.

Eastwood Homes

Eastwood Homes is a company founded by Joseph Stewart in 1997 who has a consistent track record of industry success. He dreamed on building reasonably priced homes in superior quality while maintaining business integrity. The website offers their built houses and home projects for customers, as well as careers for those who want to work in the field.


The website has an advanced search engine where you can browse your preferred location and tada! - you are offered various locations where the houses are put and at the same time the prizes. Buying houses has never been easier.

Home Stead House

Home Stead House has steadily grown over its 25 years in the business industry. It is a website where you can learn various tips and techniques in interior designing - focused primarily on paints and good color mixture and combining. They also produce their own paint for furniture as well as paints for interior and exterior parts of your houes and other accessories in home makeover.


Aside from this, provided by the articles, you are taught how to paint and repaint your own houses through their tips and techniques from painting, using oils, to color mixing.

Home Ideas

Home Ideas is also an ideal site if you are looking for ideas and services for home improvement. They offer products for anywhere in the house such as accessories, appliances, and other structural materials. Aside from this, they offer services and people such as architects, architectural designers, builders, consultants, designers, landscapers, renovators, etc.


Their website also has a blog section too where you are provided with articles that would give you ideas, tips, strategies and techniques on how to improve your house and where to go for a good advice.


Cyprus CU

Cyprus CU provides credit services. In their website, they provide a blog section which is, I think, one of the practical blogs that you should follow. Their blog site gives you some ideas about practical tips and advices that could provide you help in deciding for a home improvement project.

There, you are given an elaboration how health savings work and other helpful information that talks about the proper and efficient ways on how to handle money.

Paramount Builders

Paramount Builders Incorporated is a home improvement contractor company which goal is to provide a stylish and durable products for home and provide customers with home improvement products and services. Their blog section offers you articles that tackle on different facets ranging from designing tips, good tools, informative content, techniques and strategies for remodeling and home improving.

Moss Building and Design

Moss Building and Design is a leading remodeler in Northern Virginia that offers residential remodeling and home services, including additions, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, handyman, plumbing, electrical, roofing & siding, and more!

Their blog is one of the good blogs that you should follow because it features a lot of home improvement contents that are helpful and informative.

Look for the blog site and look at the categories for you to see.

Javic Homes

Javic Homes is a builder company who have experienced and professional people at service.

Their website offers a blog section that gives you different and various blog articles that can help you in your interior and exterior designing, remodeling, and planning.

So far, there is a blog post which I think very helpful for you, entitled Design Tips For A Home’s Exterior.


The Jones Company offers a variety of home collections in all price ranges to meet diverse lifestyle needs, starting with the $200,000 “first move up” home to homes in excess of $600,000. Their blog section contains articles that provide you a lists of options that you can choose from interior and exterior upgrades and trends on home improvement.

Foundation Finance

Foundation Finance Company offers water treatment financing, home improvement financing for contractors and HVAC financing. Their blog section features articles from winter-friendly exterior projects to solar and energy efficiency project financing. The contents of the blog are really varied. For instance, you are provided technology innovations too.

Djk Homes

Djk Homes has a blog section that helps you to remodel your home’s exterior as well as interior by providing you various tips and advices on how to choose design and to use good materials for remodeling. It also features lasest news about the company’s projects and houses. You just need to browse and choose the type of model and architecture that suit your preferences.


Agl tiles india's first tile manufacturing company offers elegant design selections.The blog site provides different kinds of designs which are more focused on beautifying interior architecture.

There, you can see collection of the company’s interior project and remodeled houses – from living room, bathroom to kitchen. It also features flooring designs and textiles which you can use in your houses. The website also contains various media for more interactive and enjoyable blog reading experience.


Renewal by Andersen was founded with the objective of creating a different and better window and door replacement experience for homeowners like you. In their blog section you can see helpful blog posts such as ways to update your Michigan exterior to other tips and how-to articles.

It also tackes some practical advises and tips for your home improvement. Surely a good blog to follow especially when you want to obtain more information and tips.

Fence Center

Fence Center is offers a blog site where you are plunged with various contents mainly focusing on fence architecture and fence design. The fences that are featured ranged from wooden to other materials used.

Aside from providing contents focusing on the said topics, it also provides you very practical and informative blog articles such as “Things to consider” posts to “how to” blog posts. When you want to remodel your fence, you now know what website to visit.

West Sound Home and Garden

West Sound Home and Garden blog provides you blog articles that feature ways on how to improve your houses in a very convenient and easy way. It also features tips that you can apply in home and garden remodeling.

It includes not just the good and beautiful architecture and plans, it also talks about the good colors you should provide in your house. For garden improvement, you are provided with articles that talks about not just gardening tools or models but also about the good and suited plants that you might want to plant on your garden - a complete package.


Brinkoetter’s blog section is where you are provided with tips and helpful information for topics such as radon, termite and other home inspection contents that might help you in choosing a good house and lot

Or if you wish to sell a house, you are also given tips to make your house be of quality house to your buyers.


Highmark Exterior Blog offers you some how-to articles and list post articles that contain tips and ways on good and unique exterior remodeling and designing experience.

For instance, there is a blog that features ways to make your exterior eco-friendly. Aside from this, there is a lot of articles which might help you in your home improvement projects. Visit the website for more info.

All Bright Painting

Allbrightpainting company provides not just good painting services and paint products but also gives you information and details on how to paint and remodel your exterior. Aside from this, the blog section provides you current and in-trend news that can help you be more knowledgeable about the going-ons on home improvement.

Soothing Company

The Soothing company’s blog section, you are provided with cool and relaxing various wall art that you can just see within the blog. The projects that are featured in the site range from canvas art, water wall, garden statuary, solar lights, and other very unique and beautiful additions for your interior and exterior remodeling and redesigning.

Other projects also include water fountains and aquariums. If you are into these, check the blog section and lavish your eyes with those.

James Home Services

The company offers a range of customer services and franchise business opportunities including domestic cleaning, lawn and garden care, carpet cleaning and pest control, pet grooming, office cleaning, window cleaning and mobile car detailing to name a few.

When you visit their website, you can see information that are helpful for your home improvement.

For instance, it provides tips to storm proof your home exterior and other helpful advices and solutions for a stronger home exterior.


Performance Painting has a blog section named PROFESSIONAL PAINTING BLOG. Here, you are provided with painting tips and good quality paint products.

They also provide some unique and efficient method of repainting such as repainting your exterior without affecting your plants and trees. It features commercial and residential painting and maintenance.

Uk Home Improvement

The UK Home Improvement blog features interesting articles and ideas to help improve your home.

Featuring a variety of sectors including glass & glazing, garage doors and bedroom furnishings, we’ve got it covered.

It also features some DIY interior and exterior projects that you can use as your decorations and tools. You are also provided with home guidelines and tackled common problems in your homes with solutions offered.

American Home Pride

AmericanHomePride blog offers you tips for both interior and exterior architecture and remodeling plans.

It covers from how to use tools to how to create your own remodeling in an efficient way.

It also provides practical advises and tips for creating a strong yet cheap exterior for your homes. The blog site contains categories tips and tricks, company news, energy efficient blogs articles.


Woodhill Homes was founded in 2002 by George Hale and Jay Campbell whose purpose was to find innovative ways to change the home buying and home building experience in Central Oregon.

Their blog section provides you tips and helpful articles for creating a very good yet cheap design and structure for your interior and exterior. What I like about the site is that it also provides packing tips which is helpful especially when you are transferring from one house to another. It is surely a good blog site to follow.


Rocky Mountain Forest Products began in 1974 as a supplier of cedar fence products which grows to offering expanded into cedar channels and siding, and later into cedar decking products and cedar shakes. In their website, you are given some list post and how-to articles that provide you tips, practical ideas, and other informative content to help your in your home improvement plans and projects.

New ProFifth Season Garden

NEWPRO home improvement has grown into one of the largest and most trusted home remodelers in New England which offers products and services. Their blog will provide you some company news that will give you ideas. They also give helpful articles for more tips to apply in your houses. However, they mostly feature news and current company activities.

Ardivan Enterprises

Ardivan enterprises’ blog section covers various posts and blogs – from DIY interior and exterior projects, to important topics such as home maintenance. It is a good blog that you should follow because it offers help and tips for you and your house.


Warmseal’s blog section provides you tips and help for you to decide and choose for a good exterior design and structure.

From roofing choices, colors, to home renovation, I am sure you will find helpful insights and advices from this company’s blog.


Imageworkspainting provides good quality painting services as well as paint projects. You can follow their blog as they provide you helpful and practical tips that you can apply for painting projects and other interior-exterior designs and works.

It also provides contents that help you to choose good tools and equipment for your homes.

Weatherguard Exteriors

Weatherguard Exteriors’ goal is to be the best home and building exterior renovations company in the Lower Mainland of BC. This is being accomplished by providing good craftsmanship and by performing quality services to clients like you. Their blog features custom and high-quality exterior solutions for residential, strata, commercial, industrial and municipal properties. Follow the blog for more updates.

Exterior Medics

Exterior Medics guarantee to the original consumer and contract purchaser all of its repair and installation services, and on their blog, you can see different posts which include possible ways you can do and apply as well as some DIY projects that are surely practical and doable.


Hendycurzon builds the gardens and landscapes that they design and they like to share these processes and design journeys along the way through their blog posts. The blog provides various contents ranging from good and hottest design to tip and trick that you can apply when doing any home improvement projects.


Sherwood Painting & Decorating Ltd. is one of Metro Vancouver’s best-known painting companies. They offer interior and exterior painting services to clients. From painting the fascia and trim on the exterior of your home to a complete interior re-paint.

You can follow their blog because they give various tips for painting and decorating and also feature some of their best interior and exterior projects which give you various ideas and creative innovations.


Prestige Products is a company which aims to offer you the best replacement windows, doors, and insulated siding products available on the market and at the same time install them in the best way possible.

In their blog site, you can see contents and tips that primarily focus on the products and services they provide – choosing the right gutters, top siding choices for you home, and other informative contents for you.

Robert Huff

Creating the best-LED landscape lighting takes the work of the Robert Huff design team bringing collective architectural designs and employing the latest in outdoor LED landscape lighting solutions.

In their blog, you are provided with lots of creative and beautiful ways on how to improve your lighting system as well as tips and creative innovations you can do.

Great Canadian

Great Canadian is a full-service exterior construction company. In their weblog, they provide your contents such as practical tips in renovation as well as energy consumption for you to be able to have a good home with cheaper costs. The blog also includes advice to help you choose new windows or doors, for instance. They also provide you informative details for you know more about your exterior and how to maintain it.

Spicer Bros

Spicer Bros. Construction began as a small roofing company which provides customers with the products they needed to complete their roofing projects. It became a shop for all exterior home renovation needs. Their website provides contents primarily focus on - roofing.

For instance, articles such as the key factors to consider to the signs of a failing roof is featured on the blog. If you want an expert advice and tips that include roofing you can always visit the site.

Land Mark Quality

Land Mark Quality is a blog website provides you a service for home improvement. This includes decors and plans for windows and doors, installation company that you can go to for particular installation structures and furniture as well as landmark home solutions.

Aside from this, the website provides tips and techniques for home decorations and small DIY crafts and projects, all for home improvement.

Interior and exterior decorations and designs are provided and are featured too to give you some of the best ideas to enable you to create and recreate your homes.

Back to Front Exterior Design

Back to Front Exterior Design is a company blog and is run by Alexandra Hull, the managing director, and Yolande Hesse, the design director who are both passionate about home architecture and design.

They already have done their own remodeling and home improvement projects. Their design package covers interior designs and decors, exterior remodeling, extensions, planning, building regulations, materials specification and tendering, as well as construction detailing.

They also provide 3D Visualizations of the proposed design of the houses and provide a very rich and detailed design of colors, materials, door and window styling, furniture layouts, and landscaping.

Exterior Source Ceva

Exterior Source Ceva is home improvement company located in Greater Virginia that provides various options for different kinds of services and materials sourced from trusted companies. They promise to give a smoother and worry-free experience for home improvement. They give solutions, and remodeling services and the company has been recognized by the leading manufacturers.

They also have top-tier products and highly trained crew. They focus on the areas around Richmond and Norfolk. Their services include gutter, door and window replacement, siding installation, and roofing. They also feature news and hottest trends in product resources and some events that their company has done.

Custom Painting Inc.

Custom Painting Inc. is a company that provides services primarily focus on painting and colors. They have been one of the leading commercial and residential painting companies in the Bay Area. They claim to provide a professional workmanship and to whatever the project and job on schedule. You get to talk with the real person about your concerns and they promise to arrive at the location on time.

They also provide quality paints to help you provide a very home repainting and remodeling. These paints are directly sourced from Kelly-Moore Paint Company.

Quality Exteriors

Quality Exteriors is a blog site that provides tips and techniques about regular improvement and maintenance that you can do in your own houses without the help of professionals. These include your home’s siding, windows, and doors – down from planning, painting, restructuring, renovating, and more!

They also provide warnings of potential problems that you might experience or would experience and provide help on how to mend, fix and prevent these occurrences. The website is categorized into news and hottest trends, buyer’s guide, contractors, decking, fencing, siding, etc. You can also guarantee that the authors are highly skilled and are professionals with years of experience to give you quality blog contents.

Bozeman Brokers

Bozeman Brokers group is a company that provides housing services. If you are a property buyer, the website features some of the beautiful properties which you can lavish your eyes on, and you are also provided with an area info where you can easily search for a preferred place.

Aside from this, buyer reports, home finance, and loan analysis are provided on the website to help you in making your choices. They also give some tips and ideas for you if you wish to sell the house and/or land.

The website is easy to navigate and is rich in content. They also feature a list of their brokers with corresponding personal and contact details for easy access and contact.

The Home Cloud

The Home Cloud is a company that provides a highly-quality lettings and management service throughout London and the South East at a fee that maximize landlords returns.

They take pride in letting their customers know the fees by being transparent to you.

The website highlights property for sale and for rent, testimonials for proof of quality service and content, resources where you are provided with the companies where their materials are sources, as well as blog contents to give you some of the trends in architecture planning, interior, and exterior designing, and other tips and techniques, that you can apply for your home improvement.


Hanawalt is a company that provides services such as installing exterior products with top warranties, as well as installation and decoration for windows, roofing, siding, gutters, landscapes, decking and more.

They also provide home visualization software for the more convenient experience. In their gallery section, you are provided with the house and land projects that they have done to make you see their outputs and designs, and for you to have wide-scoped options.

Hammer and Moxie

Hammer & Moxie are the owners of the blog and at the same time—a home improvement blog documenting our DIY (mis)adventures.

They provide contents featuring room renovations, décor, and design, as well as lawn, garden, outdoors, and furniture. Their blog can be your source of ideas coming from their sample projects.

Finish Build

FinishBuild is an online home company located in Florida. They provide services that include building flooring supply, to any interior and exterior renovation and design.

You can see that on the upper part of the website, categories such as Online Shop, Products and How-to are featured. Their products include appliances, materials for decking, doors, flooring, furniture, lighting, molding, accessories, and other building materials.

The How-to section gives you contents such as tips for renovation plans, decorating ideas, environmentally friendly materials, greenery options, home-style, and different kinds of home trends to keep you updated on the interior and exterior designs, plans, architecture, and project ideas.

Edina Painting 

Edina Painting is a company that provides painting services and good paint products. On their website, they provide your contents such as tips and advice about paints and painting projects. This can be a very resourceful blog for paint’s information.

Iverson Homes

Iverson Homes is a website that where you are provided with a lot of contents such as various exteriors designs and projects, landscaping and gardening ideas.

It also features new construction projects, and real estate market news and remodeling company news. It also highlights various home design and articles that would greatly help you in choosing the right design and architecture to provide you a good and quality service and best home projects.

The website also provides a monthly archive for easier access of the articles and posts.


Fiderio is blog site owned by John provides both interior and exterior remodeling that includes services and blog contents. Interior remodeling even includes one-day bath remodeling and home additions. For exterior remodeling, they provide roofing, siding, doors, shutters, gutters, skylights, sunrooms, porches and others such as 3 season rooms and screen rooms.

On the news section, you are given different kinds of contents such as blog articles that give you some tips and techniques as well as how-to articles and list posts for various ideas and DIY projects instructions. What I like about this website, just like the other websites, even though they feature some professional services, they still provide you some helpful contents for you to renovate and remodel your own home.

5280 Exteriors

Exteriors is blog site that provides you service and at the same time, blog contents that help you remodel and renovate your homes. It specializes in home improvement that focuses on the installation of top-of-the-line exterior products for residential homes. They promise a good quality products and resources that can last the Colarado climate.

It also features high-quality home exteriors that come with images for you to really see the outcomes and decide for good quality projects. Their exterior designs and projects include home window replacement, roofing, siding, painting, and others.

Aside from providing exterior design and remodeling services, the company also provide seasonal cleaning and repair, weather damage consultations and solutions, home improvements and upgrades, general maintenance - - just everything you need for an all-around home improvement service company.

DIY Together

DIY Together is an online community that is composed of DIY experts, enthusiasts, and newbies. They aim to provide you expert answers for your problems at home.It is a blog site that provides you various kinds of DIY crafts and project ideas and tips and serves as an avenue for interactive communication to provide one another helpful information from people across the globe.

Their DIY services include DIY network, DIY market, DIY review, DIY tips, DIY news, and stores - certainly all about DIYs. What is good about this website is that it recommends the best tool to provide you an easy search for tools and equipment.

VG Remodeling

VG stands for Von Gillern, a construction company. Their services include common projects such as additions, kitchen and bathroom projects, interior and exterior updates, and attic conversions.

They promise a group of experts and professionals to help you in your home improvement project or remodeling/renovation. It also features careers if you are finding for some jobs.

What I notice about the blog site, especially in the blog section, the contents are more focused on how to improve your homes with tips and techniques made by professionals and experts.

Aside from this, you are provided with contents like things you need to consider before making decisions about remodeling, designing, lighting, or purchasing some

Seamless Exterior

Seamless Exterior is a siding, windows, gutter / Gutter Helmet provider located in Cedar Falls, IA who aims to provide better services and products.

When you choose to work with a member of in the team, you get windows contractor and a trustworthy craftsman. They take their reputation very seriously.

Whether they are hanging new windows or installing steel siding in Waterloo, Iowa or Marshalltown, they claim to provide the best for their customers.

The website also gives you lots of their home projects, ranging from interior to exterior design and plan projects. Though, the website doesn’t contain any blog articles.

She even provides ways on soap-making and organic gardening.

Chicago Rhino Shield

Chicago Rhino Shield is a company that provides full painting services and paint products which have experienced estimators, crews, and inspectors.

They claim to have the experience, good tools, and materials to address wood rot, rust remediation, lead paint remediation, stucco repair, peeling paint, efflorescence, stubborn mildew, carpenters ants and other challenges which you might find so annoying.

They promise to give you high-quality paints and take pride in saying that their paints are EPA Lead-Safe Certified. They also offer renovation services, which primarily focus on Chicago Metro area.

Bear Mountain Painting

Bear Mountain Painting is an interior and exterior painting contractor that serves trusted companies such as Cumming, Roswell, Jasper, Suwanee, Duluth, Buford, Canton, Big Cane, Alpharetta, and more.

Their website has a blog section that features how-to articles and list posts to provide you some helpful and practical information as well as tips and techniques on how to repaint and remodel your houses, internally and externally.

It also helps you to choose what kinds of designs and remodeling plans you might want.

This site posts contents from different writers to provide you various experiences and insights.

David’s Décor

Davis Decor Ltd is one of the more established paintings and decorating companies in Queenstown. Aside from giving you painting and decorating services, their blog offers different kinds of contents such as ideas that are helpful in your interior and exterior repainting and remodeling. These include articles that feature tips and techniques in remodeling your interior and exterior parts of the house.

Moore Construction

If you’re looking for timely and reliable residential and commercial roofing and home improvement services from a contractor who really cares and takes pride in their work, with Moore Construction, that’s precisely what you’ll get. In their website, you are provided with different contents focusing on construction tips and exterior designs.

Rooftops Energy Solutions

Rooftops Energy Solutions provides the best product available - Roofing, Siding, Insulation, Windows, and Solar; with the most comprehensive warranties. On their weblog, the contents featured mostly focus on roofs – tips, how-to contents, DIY roof projects, and fixes, etc.

Focus on Design Blog

This site is authored by design and construction experts who share helpful custom home tips and advice through the blog section. Various contents can be seen such as how to design a good floor plan, tips on lighting, good interior design, tips for designing a smart and small home, and others.


Kobyco Inc. was founded on the premise that building a new home or remodeling a current one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Their website covers topics such as interior trimming and designing, home remodeling tips and blog articles you can read and refer to, as well as beautiful samples and projects to give you creative and practical ideas made by experts and professionals.

Bright View Siding

Bright View Siding offers a full exterior service to your homes. Their blog offers articles featuring home exterior services - tips and advice, kitchen and bath remodeling techniques and how-tos, and other helpful content in exterior remodeling and designing.

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