40 Simple Bookcase Projects : Ideas to Organize Your Precious Books

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In spite of the popularity of e-books, most of us would still appreciate the raw experience of smelling a book cover and flipping through it pages. If, like me, you adore books, and spend a great deal of your time reading them, then these simple bookcase projects would come in handy to you.

While there is nothing wrong with conventional bookcases that are readily available at furniture shop, but the many of these designs may not cater to our tastes and needs. If we are to possess something that would directly cater to our needs and tastes, then a customized item would be best.

And that is why we have listed forty of the simplest and most excellent bookcase projects in this post. These plans are perfect for the storage of your precious literary collections. If there’s one that captures your fancy, then feel free to give a try. It can be a fun and rewarding activity.


Diy Bookshelf Projects & Ideas to Organize Your Precious Books

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40 Simple Bookcase Projects & Ideas

1. Rustic Wooden Bookshelf Project by Ana White

Rustic Wooden Bookshelf Project by Ana White

This is a four-shelf rustic bookcase with an elegantly rustic design. Ana White provides a free bookcase plan that would enable you to transform pine boards into a solid wooden bookshelf. The plan is complete with detailed instructions, tool and materials list, diagrams, cut list and clear photos of the bookcases’ design.

2. Suspended Bookshelves by Family Handyman

Suspended Bookshelves by Family Handyman

The shaft collars and steel cables add more strength and style to a bookshelf. Create a simple, elegant set of display or bookshelves in the weekend. These pieces of craft are stylish and strong. You can customize these shelves to fit any room decor by simply changing finishes or materials.

3. Industrial Bookcase Plan by Rogue Engineer

Industrial Bookcase Plan by Rogue Engineer

This is an industrial wooden bookshelf for your living room. This industrial bookcase project was inspired by Pottery Barn’s designs. If you built it yourself, you’d have a neat bookcase for a portion of the price. There’s a materials and tools list, cut list, diagrams, building instructions and colored photos to guide you in your project.

4. Floating Bookshelves by Family Handyman

Floating Bookshelves by Family Handyman

Durable, fast to build, no apparent supports, and created from just two parts!

The shelves are beautiful, cheap and easy to make. They are also durable even if they do not have any visible supports. They look like they float on the wall. They do not have heavy brackets and clunky hardware as well. We built them from two parts only: a 2 by 4 and half of hollow core door.

5. 7-Foot Bookshelves by Infarrantly Creative

7-Foot Bookshelves by Infarrantly Creative

If you are in search for a tall bookcase, then feel free to look at this bookshelf project from Infarrantly Creative. This DIY bookcase cost only $60 to make. You can conveniently work on this bookshelf with building instructions, cut list, painting tools, colored photos and extra suggestions.

6. Bed Built-in Shelves by Family Handyman

Bed Built-in Shelves by Family Handyman

Nightstands are not only sufficiently large for everything: phone, photos, lamp, alarm clock; so magazines, books, your cup of tea, or your tablet goes on the floor. The unit shelf provides you with approximately ten times additional space for essential and decorative items. Its elegant design will change your room. And best of all, it is very easy to make with just the basic tools.

7. Walnut Bookcase Project by Rockler

Walnut Bookcase Project by Rockler

This is a two-shelf furtive bookcase. This free bookcase project from Rockler reveals a beautiful classic bookcase that utilizes walnut wood, mahogany stain and ​a ​popular wood router. A three-page instructions composed of diagrams and photos will guide you throughout this activity.

8. Built-in Bookcase by Family Handyman

Built-in Bookcase by Family Handyman

With just glue, nail, ​,screw and ​hammers you can create a built-in bookcase without the intricate wood joints and difficult techniques. Learn to use cheap materials such as birch plywood as well as standard trim to create this classic, elegant, built-in bookcase.

9. Cubby Bookshelf by Bonnie Claire and Calvin

Cubby Bookshelf by Bonnie Claire and Calvin

This DIY bookshelf plan presents a chubby bookshelf with modified shelves. To construct this bookcase, a complete video tutorial and colored images of user-made bookshelves are freely provided. You will also be provided with written instructions and diagrams.

10. Built-in Mission Oak Bookcase by Family Handyman

Built-in Mission Oak Bookcase by Family Handyman

This built-in bookcase has a solid oak construction, vertical grain wood, many shelf space, and customization design to fit a certain room.

11. Arts and Crafts Bookcase Project by Rockler

Arts and Crafts Bookcase Project by Rockler

This bookcase plan will result in a neat bookcase in an artistic and crafty style but with a modern look. Instructions, diagrams and photos are all included in the downloadable PDF of the bookshelves’ plans.

12. Cottage Shelf with Branches by Family Handyman

Cottage Shelf with Branches by Family Handyman

Build this unique display shelf in just minutes. Create this twig, furniture-styled shelf from natural materials. Cut the branch supports, screw on a shelf, affix it to your wall, and your work is done.

13. Henry Bookshelf by Shanty2Chic

Henry Bookshelf by Shanty2Chic

Designed by Shanty2Chic, this Henry bookcase has a similar design as the famous Hendrix Bookcase by Pottery Barn but you can construct it for a much lower cost. General instructions, shopping list, colored photos and diagrams are all available in the plan.

14. Bookcase Built by Two from Family Handyman

Bookcase Built by Two from Family Handyman

Create this simple, chic bookshelf in just a day using a miter saw. It is an excellent way to teach your kids about the art of woodworking and the use of tools like ​our favorite wood router.

15. Contemporary Bookcase by American Woodworker

Contemporary Bookcase by American Woodworker

This modern bookshelf project contain clean lines to showcase your books and other items. The downloadable guide features images and instructions to build the project in just a couple of days.

16. Leaning Tower of Shelves by Family Handyman

Leaning Tower of Shelves by Family Handyman

The stylish and durable shelf unit of this kind will hold your things neatly – and you can make it anytime! The shelves are strong enough to hold your books while its unique look makes it an ideal addition to nearly any room. It is a fun and excellent woodworking project buiding with awesome ​jointer planer combo. You could also give to someone as a gift or place it your house.

17. DIY Sawhorse Bookshelf by Shanty2Chic

DIY Sawhorse Bookshelf by Shanty2Chic

Another DIY bookshelf project from Shanty2Chic, this distinctive sawhorse bookcase requires only three tools to make and less than $50 in materials to build. A full instructional video on how the bookcase is built along with colored photos and written instructions will make the whole process of making one even simpler for you.

18. Stylish Shelves by Family Handyman

Stylish Shelves by Family Handyman

Stylish shelves are one of the easiest projects you could build yourself. You can make use of basic building techniques and old cabinets to make the building process with wood and this ​convenient ​impact wrench as simple as possible. However, despite the project’s simplicity, the shelves have a customized look that will surely enhance a room’s appearance.

19. Oak Bookcase Plan by Start Woodworking

Oak Bookcase Plan by Start Woodworking

What makes this bookshelf project unique? Well, it is made from oak wood. Oak wood has unique characteristics like texture and durability. The plan incorporates an instructional video series to help you work through the project. A hardware like ​handful sliding nailers, router and saws and lumber list is also included along with the useful diagrams.

20. Wall Cabinet for Books by Family Handyman

Wall Cabinet for Books by Family Handyman

In just a weekend morning or afternoon, you can create this wall cabinet. Grab your screws, ​nails, hammers and ​socket organizer and we will show you how to make this simple, durable wall-mount cabinet.

21. Built-In Bookcase Plan by This Old House

Built-In Bookcase Plan by This Old House

This bookshelf project by This Hold House is a 6-shelf bookcase which you can customize to fit well into your space. Aside from the step-by-step construction instructions, the bookshelf project also have a tools, materials like socket sets, photos and diagrams list.

22. DIY Box Shelves by Family Handyman

DIY Box Shelves by Family Handyman

Box shelves are cheap, easy to create, and very versatile. You can make a bunch of these for $100 or less! Combine depths, sizes, the design you require from any room: living, dining, laundry, etc. The process for creating these is quite easy because the techniques and methods are constantly the same.

23. Craftsman-Style Bookshelf Project by the Family Handyman

Craftsman-Style Bookshelf Project by the Family Handyman

If you want to build a classic and crafty bookcase, then The Family Handyman bookshelf project would be perfect for you. Included in this guide is a tools like this ​favorite power tool combo kit and materials list, images, diagrams, and detailed instructions.

24. Saturday Morning Shelf by Family Handyman

Saturday Morning Shelf by Family Handyman

This highly versatile cherry shelf can be made in only a few hours. Also, with a fast-drying finish, this can be done in a day. The shelf’s top makes it ideal for antiques, books, and collectibles.
Build it in the morning; finish it after dinner, and you’re all done!

25. Portable Book Case Project by Family Handyman

Portable Book Case Project by Family Handyman

Another project inspired by Arts and Crafts furniture is this portable book case. If you’re the type of person who brings his books into different places, then this unique bookcase would come in handy. Pictures and diagrams along with written instructions will enable to build this stuff quite easily.

26. Set up a Wall-Bed-Bookcase Combination by Family Handyman

Set up a Wall-Bed-Bookcase Combination by Family Handyman

A drop-down bed or wall-bed combination helps you save a lot of space in any tight room, so think about setting up this Murphy bed-bookcase. Don't you know how to build a basic bed frame? Here is some diy bed frame ideas for you to get started. It is one of the many, excellent, basement-bedroom ideas out there. Also, a Murphy bed can be very simple. Some of which is an upright box that has a fold-down bed. However, this design has a deluxe feature because it takes in enough storage.

27. Barrister Bookcase Project by Popular Woodworking Magazine

Barrister Bookcase Project by Popular Woodworking Magazine

If you are looking for a more challenging but rewarding bookshelf project, then this pretty finished barrister bookshelf will satisfy you. Elegant and useful, this complete bookcase projects comes with instructions, images, and diagrams.

28. Classic Simple Bookcase by Family Handyman

Classic Simple Bookcase by Family Handyman

If you happen to be a veteran woodworker, you can team up with a newbie to create a classic bookcase. Nowadays, craftsman-designed furniture is quite popular, and with the use of modern tools such as sanders, drills​ and saws, you can make a bookcase such as this classic.

29. Custom Bookshelf Project by Popular Mechanics

Custom Bookshelf Project by Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics offers a bookcase plan that enables you to construct a bookshelf that would fit well on your house’s wall. And just like the other projects, it comes available with instructions, pictures and diagrams.

30. Showcase Wall by Family Handyman

Showcase Wall by Family Handyman

A built-in entertainment center combines architectural simplicity and a pop of hues to make it stick out in a room. To build this amazing bookcase, just follow the guidelines and procedure from this page.

31. Small Bookcase Project by This Old House

Small Bookcase Project by This Old House

If you’re fond of small bookshelves, then this project will give you one with a couple of adjustable shelves. This plan will also give you approximately 10 square feet of space although it would take less than 3 square feet of your floor space. To build this project, go through its tools such as drill/drivers, ​nails, saws, and hammers and materials list, diagrams and detailed instructions.

32. Over the Door Bookshelf by Family Handyman

Over the Door Bookshelf by Family Handyman

Make a display shelf over your door to display your books and other items, or to add more space for storage to a tiny room. Additionally, if you increase the depth and height of the box that creates the shelves’ core, these shelves will double as decors for blinds or window curtains.

33. Bookcase Project by Jay Bates

Bookcase Project by Jay Bates

If a long-lasting bookcase is what you’re looking for, then this project from Jay Bates will give you an elegant one that you can use for many years. The project is laid out plainly in the building instructions, tools like and materials list, images ​, cutting guidelines and cleaning ​equipments like a dust mask or a dust collector

34. Make a Traditional Bookshelf by Family Handyman

Make a Traditional Bookshelf by Family Handyman

Do you need an elegant-looking bookshelf built with classic lines by the next day? With the use of shortcuts and your standard materials, you can create a bookshelf such as this in any day you want.

35. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase by Family Handyman

Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase by Family Handyman

This floor-to-ceiling bookcase showcases the height of a small room while adding more vertical storage that saves space.

36. Custom Box Shelves by Family Handyman

Custom Box Shelves by Family Handyman

Get rid of the clutter. These simple yet attractive box shelves will store your hats, shoes, books, and all kinds of items. Also, you can sit on them. Now that is unique and versatile.

37. Secret Door Bookcase by I Like To Make Stuff

Secret Door Bookcase by I Like To Make Stuff

Have you ever thought about building a secret door camouflaged as a bookcase – like in movies? Are you not so certain how to make the entrance. Purchase a kit! The bookcase doors from kits such as Wood-fold Manufacturing are an ideal way to disguising your secret entrance. This secret door bookcase looks like your typical bookcase when closed.

38. DIY Built-In Shelves by Family Handyman

DIY Built-In Shelves by Family Handyman

Make use of this built-in shelf to unlock any concealed storage space among the studs in the walls. Set up one, open shelf box, or set up two and add one glass door set to create a cabinet.

39. Concealed Bookcase Storage by Themurphydoor

Concealed Bookcase Storage by Themurphydoor

You can make storage space hidden with a bookcase without difficulty. When you have to enter the space, simply pull the bookcase and push back to hide your precious items when you’re done.

40. Modular Masterpiece by Family Handyman

Modular Masterpiece by Family Handyman

The modular masterpiece is an excellent wall unit which is very flexible – customized to fit the space inside your house. Made from plywood boxes in a couple of sizes and mixed, added with doors to painting the inside with the same color as the wall. The result is a splendid display that is useful as a storage space.

How to Make a Bookcase Tips

Usually, wooden bookcases are one of the most sought after projects for beginners. Elegant and simple at the same time; basically built and easily customized; wooden bookcases can be used for books, decorations or personal items.

If you are just starting out to making these bookshelves, begin by making a wooden with a hinged lid before attempting to make complicated or intricate designs.

Selecting the right materials

1. Selecting a wood

Use re-purposed wood from your past wood projects, wooden boards from old pallets, or buy new wood. Think about what the purpose of the project will be.

For instance, if you are considering making a furtive bookshelf, you may want to use thin cedar pieces, oak or ash. It will be so much easier to make bookcases with thin wood. Save the bigger boards or pieces for larger projects. Also, this will allow you to do less cutting.

2. Gather your materials

Always keep the basic ​portable toolbox in your personal work-space. If you are utilizing power tools, ensure that you have immediate access to electric power outlets. Essentially, you will need a ruler, nails, putty, hammer, wood glue, and certainly the boards.

Do not forget always to be cautious – wear eye guards – if you are using power tools.

3. Measure and place marks on your boards

You will initially have to decide on your box’s size. Particularly, you will have to determine the height, width, length of your box. Mark the measurements on the boards with a pencil and ruler.

If not sized, cut the boards. Make use of a circular or hand saw to saw the boards based on the measurements. Note that you will require multiple boards – the number of which will vary according to your needs.

Power tools can make easy any job involving wood but aren’t really essential. You can also make a box using carpenter's square, screwdriver, hammer, and hand saw.

Gather all the side pieces with a butt joint. Assemble the sides at a right angle with glue between joints for sturdier results. And at this point, the project should look like what a bookshelf would look like unattached. Next, drill or hammer in finishing nails, dowels, and wood screws.

You can also use clamps to hold together the glued sides as you drill screws or nails into them.

If you are making use of dowels, then drill a hole through one side into another’s side. Make use of a wooden dowel to attach pieces together. Once the sides are pinned, sever the dowel flush along with the sides.

Hammer and drill in the finishing nails, screws, wood, and dowels.

Let your bookshelf dry before using it.

Final Words

We hope you learned from this post. All the bookcase projects we’ve listed in this post are excellent and you can select one or several depending on your needs. 

Enjoy the woodwork!

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