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How to use patterned paint roller to paint your wall?

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How to use patterned paint roller?

There are two types of patterned paint roller, one comes with the machine box / applicator and another one has the roller only.


How to setup a Patterned Paint Roller with 2-Colour Applicators 

In this video, the guy will show us how to setup and use the patterned paint roller with 2-color applicator/machine

Pattern paint roller with ?one 1-applicator/machine.

  • Make sure that the wall is clean.
  • Use Painter's tape to cover and Paper towels
  • Hold the applicator carefully and it should parallel to the wall to avoid the paint dripping
  • ?Take a newspaper or A4 paper to test scrolling from top to bottom
  • Practice some more because it's little shaky if you're a beginner.
  • One straight way. Make sure you make the first scroll down to bottom. Otherwise, you will mess things up.
  • Repeat with care.

How to use pattern paint roller on fabric or paper?

Paint roller with pattern is fashion art

Fashion always brings a new feeling in life. It is available everywhere and every time. People love fashion, and they also have deep-mind art. Thus, they want everything around them fashionably.

They create their style from top to toe, customize their belongings and certainly get the job which related to fashion industry.

Thus, their living environment needs to be decorated according to their style. What can they design your house for? They only want to have houses with their individual marks.

Here are some ideas that patterned paint roller may interest you to paint your home items.

  • The cabinet
  • The kitchen
  • The shelves
  • The small stools
  • The room divisions
  • The shoes shelves

For the cabinet: Choose the decorative paint rollers with the patterns that you like best and suitable with your house/ room. Then, roll the patterned paint roller on the surface of the cabinet, allow it to dry. If you want to paint the background of the cabinet, you should paint the background first, and then print the patterns by design rollers (the patterned paint rollers).

For the kitchen: Match the colors of the room walls with the paint roller patterns that you will be painted on the surface of the kitchen. You should divide sections once painting the patterns by the paint stencil rollers (2 parts – counter tops and cabinets). Paint the patterns each counter top and cabinet to make sure the design printing on the surface is leveling. You can make reference to the decorating method for the cabinet which I listed above.

For the shelves: Up to the size of the shelves which you choose the suitable patterns. And the colors should be matched with the owner’s character or age. You only use the patterned paint rollers to paint the layer at the back of the shelves (wall inside the shelves). If you like the shelves at the same colors as well as patterns, you can use the patterned paint rollers to paint whole the shelves.

For the small stools: Thinking of the room with unique things inside, you can style your stuff by print the patterns on the layer of stools. Each stool has its style which will make your room/house quite special.

For the room divisions: The room division helps your room to save and open space. The thing you need to do is “making the room divisions different from the others.” No need to hire the artist to draw or carve on the surface of the room division, you only use the special and convenient tool called “the ?paint roller” to bring the patterns that you want to the wall division.

For shoe shelves: Everyone need shelves for storing their shoes. A little bit decorating will help your shoes shelves more fashionable and modern. Your guests surely give you a high appreciation once they see your unique shelves in the corner of the room. Like the general shelves, you can print the pattern roller paint on the back of the shelves. Thus, follow the method of painting the patterns on shelves above or you can print the patterns on those sides of shelves and its back just be painted the simple color.Style your style, style your house and enjoy the new space!

Common mistakes while using decorative paint rollers

Are you getting bored with your bedroom? Do you want to renew your bedroom with new colors as well as backgrounds of room walls? Do you want some unique patterned designs for your room?

There are common questions which people usually get in their minds during the preparing period of decorating. But people rarely pay attention to the mistakes which they may get once painting or printing patterns on room walls.Here are some common mistakes you may get during the time you use the microfiber paint roller. Check it out!


Put roller into the handle in the wrong position

Put roller into the handle in the wrong position. The handle of the patterned paint roller has two positions. The middle position is used for putting the white foam rubber; the above position is used for putting the pattern painting roller. If you put them wrong position, you can’t make them work.


The patterned paint roller slip on the wall surface

To avoid the patterned paint roller slip on the wall surface, you shouldn’t paint the background too glossy because it is difficult for the patterns to print on the wall surface with the glossy background. If you have already painted the background with the glossy layer, you should roll the soft pattern design paint roller slowly to make sure all patterns printed tightly.


The wall surface are dirtily blur

In a case of your patterns on the wall surface are dirtily blur; you should roll the patterned paint roller on the A4 sized paper first to get used to working with the roller. Do it three times before using the patterned paint roller on the wall surface. Almost people who use the patterned paint roller at the first time, meet this situation because of their hands aren’t used to working with the patterned paint rollers.


Bad quality of paint

The patterns on your wall surface aren’t as beautiful as the patterns as you find out on the wall samples or in the category. Don’t think that the supplier to sell the bad product to you; the reason is that you use the bad quality of paint. Thus, you should use the high-quality paint and choose suitable color before rolling the patterns with the stencilpaint rollers.


Mix >10% water with the paint

This mistake belongs to the matching of paint. People usually pour the paint into the water without paying attention to the instruction on the paint bottle; it makes the paint liquid washier. When your paint liquid is too washy, it makes the patterns aren’t fit with the right color what you want. For the metallic paint, you should mix 10% water.Hope these common mistakes in this article will be useful for your decorating progress. Enjoy your paint and create more patterns on your room walls.

How to clean your pattern paint roller after usages?

Besides the usage of the patterned paint roller to decorate walls, we should know how to clean the patterned paint roller in particular and the roller in general.This method is the important step to protect the roller, especially the patterned paint roller. Let check it out!

Clean the roller after using: It is very easy and straightforward. Just follow these steps:


Use Warm water within about 2 hours

We only use the emulsion paint for general paint roller or patterned paint roller. Thus, we only put the paint roller or patterned paint roller in the warm water within about 2 hours. We can use a scratch brush to remove the residuary paint spots.


Use Towel

Next we dry the paint roller or patterned paint roller with the towel. If you use the lacquer solvent, use the solvent cleanser (it can be found at the local material store). We pour a small quantity of the solvent cleanser into the box and browse the patterned paint roller/ paint roller into the side of a box to erase the paint on the roller. We take 2 hours to soak the roller after that we dry it by towel and store in a dry place for next time.

We must not pour the solvent cleanser into the sink. After cleaning the patterned paint roller/ paint roller, we open the box within about 24 hours.


As the paint layers ultimately sink deep at the bottom of the box, we can keep the rest of solvent for next time. To protect the environment, we should wait for the paint layer dry completely inside the box and then throw it into the bin.


However, we are not always in the “finish” status. Thus, we need to know how to keep the patterned paint roller in good condition for the following working day. Shall we clean it or not? The answer is “not” because of waste the paint.

How can we keep the patterned paint roller overnight?

Things that we only do is cover the head of the pattern paint roller/ paint roller with the plastic bag, then tape it around the neck of the handle and store in the dry place. By this method, we can keep the patterned paint roller/ paint roller within two days.

As we see, these methods are very easy to complete, aren't they? Now, we have all hints to protect our patterned paint rollers/ paint rollers for the next times using.

Follow these and keep your tools in good condition!

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