Wood Pallet Fence Ideas

24 Awesome Wood Pallet Fencing Ideas Anyone Can Build Effortlessly

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Whenever any guest or your relatives or anyone else comes to visit your house, the first thing that gives them a first impression is not your kitchen or living room or anything else, but it is your home’s outside which is mostly the fences in your front yard.

There are a lot of types and designs of fences, but among them, the most popular types are wooden fences. In this article, we are going to present some ideas on how to build a fence with pallets.

Wood pallets ideas aren’t just cheap to construct but they look beautiful once built, and they can be used to build numerous ?woodworking project?s.


The major advantage of using wood pallets Is there easy crafting and handling fact along with less expensive availability. Everyone can get wooden planks in locality, and they can be crafted personally in no time.

All there remaining, for execution, is idea. Once you have the proper view and tools, you can find yourself in a postion, ready to make fences of new and elegant designs Let’s look at some of the ideas for things to make out of pallets.

Wood Pallet Fencing Ideas

Modern Wooden Fence

Choosing the right material for fencing is the first step. It is the first step to think what can you make with pallets. Wood pallets are used to build classic style fences for modern home designs.

A sturdy wood material is important to build chain link fences as they will be hanging horizontally. This fence design is favorite for home owners that want a premium modern design look and who are looking for home privacy too.

Wood Pallet Shadow Box Fence

Wood Pallet Shadow Box Fence

Above design is a very simple and common yet effective idea of wood pallet fencing. It can easily be created by tearing down the pallet wood one after another each and fixing that wood plank on the opposite side of the pallet.

Finishing it with borders and white wash makes it beautiful and eye attractive. This fence type can be used out door as front yard fence or as backyard fence.

Simple Wood Pallet fence

Simple wood pallet can be used to design any good home décor, but using them for fences is a great idea. This is not just a very cost effective way of building fences but a fastest and easiest way too.

To start making it, you don’t need to put a lot effort either. First of all, you will need a good number of pallets which you think will cover your house or your garden or anything that you are building it for.

Second, you just have to put every pallet adjacent to each pallet and tighten it with ropes or anything you think will keep them together. Disassembling also isn’t something required for it.

Privacy Concrete Wood Fence

Privacy concrete wood fence

Privacy concrete wood fence via H?ome Stratosphere

It is another good example of privacy wooden house fence. As you can see, the wooden fences sandwiched between pillars of bricks, are used to hold them sturdy.

This design is not only good looking but also very sturdy and provide a good privacy to house owners. Crafting this kind of fence requires a little effort, but the result is a beautiful, sturdy looking house fence.

Round Top Varnished Wood Pallet Fence

Round top varnished wood pallet fence via Home Stratosphere

It is another idea of easy to make wood pallet fence. The only hard thing in this kind of fence is disassembling the wood and making the top round for every wood.

Simple Garden Pallet Fence

simple and beautiful garden via autoszelvedocsere

Simple and beautiful. First of all, the pallets are stranded in the soil. Pallets are then white washed and filled with soil. Finally filled flowers. Result is beautiful looking garden pallet fence.

Wood Pallet Flower Fence

Wood Pallet Flower Fence

Wood Pallet Flower Fence Via Favim

Just like the pallets used to make garden fence. The same pallet fence can be made to make a house fence. The result looks like an attractive house fence.

Farm Pallet fence

pallet fence via diy sonklin

Very easy and cost effective fence idea for hording your animals can be made using only pallets. Above idea is easy to execute by adding pallets next to each other.

Cottage Design House Fence

Cottage Design House Fence

Cottage Design House Fence via MyPalletIdeas

Very simple and cottage style fence can be easily made using big wooden pallets. Two long size wooden pallets can be used to make a double door which gives it an old stylish home fence and door.

Wood Pallet Chair

Wood Pallet Chair

Wood Pallet Chair via Pallet Furniture DIY

A chair can easily be made using 8 to 10 small size wooden pallets. Can easily be crafted by placing two four pallets below, to make a seat, two pallets on each site for arms and a pallet behind for placing the back. Thus, a perfectly wooden chair comes into shape.

Wood Pallet Room Stand

Wood pallet room stand

Wood pallet room stand via Pallet Wood Projects

Wood Pallets varnished and joined to make a good looking room stand. Doesn’t require much hard work. Disassemble one pallet, and use its wood to make the item stand for placing, picture frames, books, and other home decoration items. It is one the brilliant idea of wood pallet home furniture.

Wood Pallets Bed

Wood pallets bed

Wood pallets bed via Dcorevoce

A very simple nothing to do home furniture bed idea. Simple pallets are placed on each other to make a simple, cheap side bed.

Wood Pallet Home Vine Box

Wood Pallet Home Vine Box

Wood Pallet Home Vine Box via A?ll Diy Masters

Another premium looking idea to make a beautiful home furniture. This vine box looks classy and vintage style. It is easy to make with only two wood pallets. It does require a little craft on making the inside to hold the wine glasses. Once completed, you can proudly show this to your visitors and get great complements.

Wood Pallet Home project

Wood Pallet Home Project

Wood Pallet Home Project via Diy Pallet Furniture

Wood pallets can be used to make a complete small house. This easy project is very simple and easy to complete within a week with a little dedicated work. After the framing of the house, one can do anything for the walls.

Small Backyard fancy fence

Small Backyard Fancy Fence

Small Backyard Fancy Fence

Sweet idea to make beautiful backyard fence. A beautiful color with a little crafting over it makes it a backyard décor.

Single Pallet Fence With Gate

Single Pallet Fence With Gate

Single Pallet Fence With Gate via Bless My Weeds

Single Pallete used to make sleak looking fence with a plus of a gate. Its very easy to construct design for a relative small backyard garden.

Stack High Wood Pallet Fence Wall

Stack High Wood Pallet Fence Wall

Stack High Wood Pallet Fence Wall Via Angie's List

A simple stack fence is easy to make without any hard work. After doing the paint job of your choice on each wood pallet, these pallets can then be used to stack on over each other to make a wall like fence.

A sturdy long wood be required as a pillar and holder for the pallets, though. This kind of fence is perfect for open house borders.

Old Pallet Gate

Old Pallet Gate

Old Pallet Gate via The Garen Glove

Only one Wood can make a beautiful looking old gate. With a mixture of a wooden border and fences, this door looks natural in a stranded garden.

Wide Pallet Wooden Gate

Wide Pallet Wooden Gate

Wide Pallet Wooden Gate via Ho?mesthetics

This Very simple Fence can be easily made and requires a very little effort. It requires large size pallets, or you can just use simple pallets and put them on each other to give your fence a proper height.

If the fences are going to be in between walled, then you are going to need two logs to attach the fence to the walls. Using hinges you can use the same pallets to make a door between the pallets. The result is going to be a beautiful looking house fence.

Modern Design Garden Wood Pallet Fence

Modern Design Garden Wood Pallet Fence

Modern Design Garden Wood Pallet Fence via Pallet DIY Projects

This beautiful looking, garden wood pallet fence will give a modern style look to your garden. Making this kind of fence requires a little time and effort as you will need to disassemble the logs and cut them to proper sizes, one log will go to bottom and other two on sides to make a pot which will hold the soil in which you can plant any herb or plant you like. Requires a little effort but looks great at the end.

Garden Wall Wood Pallet Décor

Garden Wall Wood Pallet Décor

Garden Wall Wood Pallet Décor via 99 Pallets

Simple garden wood pallet furniture like this can is very easy to make by tearing down few logs, adding them to bottom and coloring the outside.

Colorful Garden Fences

Colorful Garden Fences

Colorful Garden Fences via Awesome Jelly

Simple yet a beautiful garden fence can be created by coloring each wood pallet with a choice of your desire. Adjusting them with each other and placing them firm on the garden boundaries will make it look beautiful and catchy.

Small Query With Wood Pallet

Small Query With Wood Pallet

Small Query With Wood Pallet via Goodshomedesign

A small and tidy query looks beautiful on outside grass. Add a wood pallet as a fence outside and beautify it using lights and color. Everyone will love it.

Home Outdoor Color Matching Fence

Home Outdoor Color Matching Fence

Home Outdoor Color Matching Fence via Pallet DIY Projects

It is just another idea to use the wood planks as a house fence. Once these pallets are painted like the color of your house and used as fences, these will look a pretty look to your house.I hope this would have given your creative mind enough ideas to create your designs.

As you might have already noticed by now that fencing does not only looks good but it also is necessary for boundary making and essentially adds decorative values to your home. Your garden or lawn just looks incomplete if you are missing the right fence.

After scrolling through this post, you would not be out of pallet fence ideas. Good luck with your fence crafting.

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