How To Keep Your Home Environment Clean And Safe?

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Home is not just a place, but a warm, happy place where people dream of spending their entire life. A place where they can watch themselves and their loved ones grow in every aspect of life.

Therefore, after a certain period of time when there are kids around, it becomes substantial to protect them from all kinds of harms. So, being a responsible mom and dad what are you exactly doing to make your home clean and safe for your child?

Well, before you start freaking out thinking about all kinds of stuff here is a fact that you cannot completely escape - germs. According to some researchers, a little exposure to some germs can help build a healthy immune system.


However, the bottom line is to be smart by limiting the allergens and germs trying to harm you and your kids. To do just that here are a few simple tips on keeping your home safe and healthy.

Fight against the allergens

Most of the people assume that the best way to stay away from external factors that affect a person's health is to stay indoors. However, they do not realize the fact that for some the real trouble begins inside the house.

Pet dander, mold, dust mites and other indoor allergens and irritants are among those few troublesome elements.

A tip to limit the exposure to these elements is by vacuuming weekly. Though, the catch here is to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate arresting filter to trap the dust mites as well as other allergens too.

Once in a while, it is also highly recommended to deep clean your house too. To do that get help from as many helping hands as you can in your home.

Take the fight to the bedroom

The bedroom is that one place of the home where a cozy heaven lies between the plush pillows, fluffy blankets and flowing drapery.

But, on the other hand, it is also the perfect place for the germs and allergens make themselves at home. Therefore, do make sure to regularly change the sheets and wash them in warm or hot water in the washing machine.

Bedroom via Ikea

Along with that, your changing table needs to be cleaned every few days with a mild detergent and water. For those days when soap and water alone won't work, with the help of disinfecting wipes clean the surface.

In addition, do not forget to thoroughly clean the dark corners of the home. Not just only close to the floor, but take a look close to the beautifully metropolitan roofing constructed roof too.

Kitchen cleanliness

Every part of the house is truly significant, but when it comes to a kitchen it tops the list of all priorities. Since it's the place where you might be cooking more than just delicious food for your family.

It's a place where you'll actually find more germs than any other place in the home. For this very reason, you need to be very specific about food safety when you are in the kitchen or any other place preparing the food.

Kitchen via Wickes

Apart from that, take time once a day to clean your baby's high chair. Put that little tray directly in the dishwasher for a good scrub or simply wash it in the sink with dishwashing liquid and warm water.

Using baking soda to mop the floor or a backsplash. To make the cast iron sparkle clean it with the help of a mixture of warm oil and salt.

Bathroom, the war zone

A bathroom is one of the most frequently used places of a home, day in and out. But, the bacteria, on the contrary, they stay there long after the toilet is flushed. So, before you flush, ensure to close the lid to prevent from ending up, brushing your teeth with toilet water.

To pull that welcome mat out from under those germs, wipe down the countertops, sink, toilet seats, the tub and the shower walls with the help of disinfecting cleansers or wipes. Store the toothbrushes at least one inch apart to ensure the bristles don't touch each other.


Replace the toothbrushes regularly especially after an illness too.It's the little steps that you take every day that ensures safety as well as the cleanliness of the home. Whereas, the health and wellness of your family and loved ones, therefore, lies in your own hands.

If you've already been taking care of it, then well and good, but if not, then when are you getting started to notice the little details?

Enjoy a clean home environment


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