180 Home and Garden Blogs To Follow: Top Rated Websites

Looking for good websites that will provide you good contents about home and garden improvement is not an easy task. One keyword and numerous results would follow through. This is why we did all the work to provide you just the right weblogs and websites to suit your passion and hobbies for home interior designs to gardening styles.

Some of the provided websites offer home and garden improvement too, from remodeling, roofing, designing, etc.. All you need to do is to visit, explore and exploit what the websites provided here can offer to you. 


Top Home & Garden Blogs To Follow

Craft Passion

Craft Passion is a weblog owned and authored by Joanne L. who holds a title of MSc in EBM (Engineering Business Management) and who has a passion for creating beautiful crafts and sharing it to her readers.

Her website features a collection of various home crafts and also provides free patterns on sewing, knitting, beading, covering, paper crafts, these all come with a detailed how-to article for you to do the crafts with ease and with convenience.

Personally, my favorite is the “Amigurumi” free patterns that Joanne provides on her site. The crafts, as a whole, are cute and doable, and free too!

Whenever you want to create some cute DIY crafts for home decors and projects, consider following this website and get updated with some original and creative outputs.

Catholic Review

Yes, you guessed it right – it provides “church-like” approach as its contents are made inspirational and motivational.

Catholic Review is a weblog authored by Elizabeth who that contains helpful tips and informative details about life, work, play, faith and others such as news and random articles that can help you in your life and home.

Nonetheless, you can still find encouraging and facilitative blog posts featuring house and gardening help because it also tackles home and garden improvement projects that you can do in your houses.

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests is about plants, lawn, garden, gardener, flowers, and all about related topics. It has been supplying gardeners with the quality seeds in seed packets on the market. The website doesn’t just provide avenue for online seed packet shopping but also provide informative and helpful information about plants, tips, recipes, and quality seeds that you can have.

It was Curtis and Judy who started the Botanical Interests and who were driven by their desire for hoarding and sharing plant information and their passion for gardening wisdom. Since then, it has grown to be a small family company and their products have now been sold by different markets in the USA.

American Meadows

American Meadows is another blog site you may want to follow when you are interested in gardening stuff. Here, you can find articles that focus on different kinds of flowers and plants, as well as tips and informative details elaborating the plants and their characteristics.

The website also highlights both wild and owned gardens and their history, structure, design, - anything that is informative and motivational for creating your own. The website can also be your online resource for shopping various gardening tools and seeds such as flower bulbs, perennials, grass seeds, flower seed packets, wildflower seeds and other gardening tools, which also teaches and provides you how-to articles in using their products for easy installation and/or application

House Beautiful

House Beautiful is a blog site that is authored by Katie Avis-Riordan, a web writer who likes to write almost anything about houses and gardens. Her website offers you a lot of home and garden tips. When I say a lot, I mean it. Her blog features different information from trends, style ideas, DIY creative ideas of projects and decors. You can also see articles featuring other authors’ perspectives and opinions about how to create a beautiful house and good makeover plans.

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Life on the Balcony

This weblog is authored by Fern Richardson who earned a BA degree in graphic design and in law and who grows some peaches, nectarine, figs, blueberries, flowers, succulents and herbs in her garden.

Life on the Balcony is an award winning blog that primarily features on the gardening tips and container gardening tricks that she has learned from her first-hand experience growing her own plants on her balconies and patios for her clients.

It also has articles that talk about some recipes that you can enjoy or make to your outdoors and balconies in your houses. It is also a website that provides details and tips that you can apply to your garden - from crafts and materials that are doable.


Digging is a weblog created and at the same time run by Pam Penick who is the owner of Penick Landscape Design in Austin, Texas, and who described herself as an avid gardener.

Her goal in creating the blog was to share her passion for plants, gardens, and nature to people she meets online. Her blog will provide you information how to handle difficult plants and difficult places under a difficult climate of Texas and be able to create a wonderful garden design and healthy plants and flowers.

My Design Chic

My Design Chic is another perfect resource for good contents and informative details about designs, materials and equipment. It also includes full house designs from house tours that you may want to apply in your houses.

The website highlights other than interior and exterior contents such as fashion that talks about clothing trends. What I like about the website is that it offers online shopping experience if you want to buy their materials, clothes and equipment.

Most of the products are on sale too! When it comes to furniture and home materials, they offer beautiful designs such as wooden chairs and lanterns. Visit the site for more products!

Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct is another good site to follow. Created and authored by Emily Bradshaw, who has a good taste and eye for improving the space and creating innovations for your gardens, the site fits for you when you are into unique and creative garden designs and remodeling ideas.

It gives tips, techniques and how-to contents as well as informative details about gardening, plants, and flowers. You can also learn some DIY project for your gardens. When it comes to the home interior, don’t worry because the blog offers contents that feature various topics about interior designs too!

Hort Mag

Horticultire is a blog magazine that features on gardening, and plants. The articles provided here talk about topics such as smart gardening tips, how to garden in a certain region under a certain climate and certain types of soil as well as some plant files and gardening book reviews.

It also provides an exposure to different designs of gardens and both professional and self-taught gardeners.

You can also ask question and at the same time share your insights with the fellas within the community as it provides events and competition for gardening and garden designs.

Cold Climate Gardening

Yes, you guess it right. Cold Climate Gardening blog talks about “gardening in a cold climate”. The blog is owned by Kathy Purdy and is authored by her and other different contributors and writers.

We all know that gardening in a cold climate is a very difficult process of gratifying your yourself and realizing you passion. This is why it is a very good resource especially when you are looking for help in gardening under a challenging cold or short-season climate.

The blog offers pages and contents addressing the problem. You just need to browse the archives and search for a topic that you need to know about.

Period Living

Period Living is a blog owned by Karen Darlow. The contents are mostly authored by her. This website gives you informative articles about home interiors, gardens, and designs as well as tips and techniques on how to renovate such.

It also features decorations and how to make them, and vintage and antiques that are perfect additions for your interior.

The renovation section contains various advice made by experts so you are surely guided while the garden section provides step by step process for creating garden projects.

High Country Gardens

High Country Gardens is a company that sells gardening tools, plants, bulbs and plant and flower seeds with provided detailed instructions to ensure full benefits of the products.

Their website provides garden designs, helpful tips, step by step posts on how to gardening in your region through best practices, ideas and innovative creations for landscaping, and some information about native and beautiful plants you might want in your gardens.

Here, you are also exposed to different beautiful lawns and gardens and gain insightful ideas from them.

Nifty Home Stead

Nifty Home Stead is my personal opinion, is a perfect website and a weblog to follow if you are into unique and traditional gardening and gardening designing and loves rural ambiance and chickens, and poultry animals! Have you heard about keyhole gardens?

Nifty Home Stead provides you step by step of how to build this, and it also provides soil and vegetable gardening resources you can use detailed how-to contents featuring building small houses in your garden or backyard, and reviews of some gardening tools and products. It even teaches you how to grow chickens and how to take care of them.


Gardenerd.com is a website that is really dedicated to all the nerd gardeners and enthusiasts out there; I can vouch for this.

Aside from the layout of the website, the fonts, the words and the ambiance of the weblog creates a nerdy-like atmosphere.

However, the website is a good online resource for information and helpful tips about gardening and garden plants and flowers.

Gardenerd.com is really designed for people who have a healthy sense of humor about their passion for gardening, and who really want to learn and hoard ideas.

Whether you’re a novice or a gardenerd veteran, the site fits for your liking.

North Coast Gardening

North Coast Gardening is another good online resource for gardening helpful tips and advice.

The site also features topics such as pruning, planting in an effective and efficient method, and other related topics.

Follow the blog and get the update with their latest posts featuring gardening and plants.

Hudson Valley Seed

Hudson Valley Seed Company is another good source for heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds and garden-themed contemporary art. Their website will provide you photos and artwork along with tips to make your garden dreams a reality.

Many of these seeds are produced on their own small farm; the rest are from other local farmers, farmers in other regions, and from wholesale seed houses that are not owned by or affiliated with multi-national biotech companies. Their website will be your library that contains informative information about gardens and plants.

Gardening with Confidence

GardeningwithConfidence.com is a weblog owned and mostly authored by Helen Yoest, a frequent speaker for botanicals garden, Master Gardener groups, as well as garden clubs. She’s interested in pollinators, plants, soil, design, and how others use these to create their gardens at home.


She has traveled the world visiting public and private gardens so she can step into the dream that was once just someone’s imagination. Imagine what her website can provide to you. Surely, you’d be bombarded with information and ideas about gardens and gardening.

Urban Organic Gardener

Urban Organic Gardener is another resource for garden improvement helpful contents. It also features different kinds of botanical plants, flowers, specializing on the organic ones. It also provides details and information about the plants so that you can have a profound understanding how they should be handle and take care of. It highlights urban planting and focuses on effective ways of easy organic farming.

Nature Hills

Nature Hills is another best blog that you need to follow because it shares various contents about the garden, gardening, and gardening tips and advice. It provides sections where you can ask some gardening questions, read some gardening tips, ideas and how-to articles about how to plant effectively and efficiently, ideas and information about pruning, and various plant pictures and information.

The weblog is authored by different good writers to give you a good quantity of knowledge resource.


Espoma is a weblog owned by J. Harrison and is contained in various articles featuring plants and effective methods of planting. It also provides tips, guide, techniques on how to improve your garden and make it healthier as well as how to take care of your plants and fruits. It also provides innovative and practical ideas for your gardens such as recycling trash and turn them into plant containers and such.

A Delightsome Life

A Delightsome Life.com is a weblog owned and authored by Kathy, which features all about home and garden contents. It also features vegetables and fruits too! The site can be your source of ideas and designs as Kathy provides you some insights and creative contents mostly based on her personal and first-hand experience. Sample project ideas, beautiful furniture, good designs - these can be all viewed and read here!

DM Botanical Garden

DMBotanicalGarden.com features all about Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center, their beautiful plants and gardens as well as details and information about them. it also provides contact information to enable you to see with your eyes their works and provide some ideas and advices you can apply in your garden.

Ecosystem Gardening

Ecosystem Gardening is another good choice for a source of gardening advices, tips, etc. they feature eco topics, different kinds of plants with provided details, wildlife gardens so that you can have the widest vicarious experiences seeing and knowing about these beautiful plants and gardens. You can have insights and ideas from these articles.

What I like about this site is that it really advocated on protecting wildlife and responsible gardening.

KNEB Worth House

KNEB Worth House.com is all about gardens and gardening and other topics too. It features different gardens and parks, wedding and special events, edication, filming, concerts, etc. On the home and garden improvement section, you are given different articles that give you advices, recommendations, tips, as well as how-to contents for your home and gardens.

Empress of Dirt

Empress of Dirt is a weblog owned by Melissa which she authored most contents. The site features on gardening and gardening methods that you can apply in your gardens. It also features beautiful designs, tips, creative ideas to improve your garden style. It also provides a lot of contents such as videos, plants, flowers and many many more.

Texas Home and Garden

Texas Home and Garden is a weblog of the International Exhibitions Inc. that has been organizing home and garden events in Texas and has been providing level of expertise and market awareness as well as a good investment for the exhibitors and educational experience to the public.

Their website is a good pick website to follow especially it deals with anything about gardens, home interior and plants.

You are provided with details featuring different kind of plants as well as tips and techniques on how to grow them and to make them beautiful.

Sharon Santoni

Sharon Santoni is a website that gives you different contents with a tinge of French culture and ways.

It provides articles talking about French living, Paris, as well as very beautiful tips, advices, designs for French-like experience of Home and Garden.

It also contains videos, books, and prints to make learning and reading a convenient and very good experience.

Out of My Shed

Out of my Shed is a blog owned by Naomi Schillinger. It's a blog about gardening in London throughout the year, with a visit now and then to some fab gardens further afield.

It offers various contents about effective methods of gardening as well as tips and sample designs for your garden improvement.

Growing the Home Garden

Growing the Home Garden is another good website that you need to follow, as it provides a very comprehensive and detailed articles all about plants, garden and methods of gardening. It features different tips, techniques, how-to articles to help you make a good and beautiful garden design. This is a very good resource for information and ideas about garden improvement.

Fifth Season Garden

Fifth Season Garden provides offerings of hydroponic and organic gardening supplies, as well as beer and wine making products. They also have added supplies for cheese making, vinegar making, canning, fermentation, and a host of other areas collectively known as Urban D.I.Y.

Whether you have questions about OMRI certification, simple hydroponic systems, lighting plans, hop varieties, container gardening, or the best way to attract bats, their contents will surely provide you answers.

Strange’s Florist

Strange’s Florist was started by Gideon A. Strange which later purchased by William J. Gouldin, Sr. and William F. Kidd. Strange’s ranks among the top 25 in FTD. It is one of Virginia’s largest greenhouse growers, and one of the largest retail garden centers in the United States.

Strange’s has been serving the market with an expanding list of products and services, through more convenient attractive locations, and with buying power that assures quality at reasonable prices. Their blog features different informative details and tips about plants, trees and fruits. It also featured creative additions that you can put in your gardens to make them look more appealing.

The Survival Gardener

TheSurvivalGardener is the official gardening blog of David The Good, a book author, radio producer, painter, garden writer, naturalist, teacher, who authored most of the site’s contents.

The site is all about growing the most food for the least amount of work. If you want to know how to garden and feed your family no matter what happens, this site is for you.

The weblog recommends some of the best books and tools you may need for home and garden projects as well as tips and techniques about how to make your garden more organized and more beautiful, as well as tips about various plants and how to grow them effectively.

Creative Living with Bren Haas

Creative Living of Bren Haas who described herself as a gardener and a foddie person, is another good resource for information about gardening, and garden designs.

It provides tips and techniques for your garden as well as other contents that provide details that are worth reading.

What is cool about this website is that it creates a small community for all gardeners and DIY enthusiasts out there, where you can all share and listen to one another’s gardening experience and gain insights from those. The website also features foods and food recipes.

Holiday Flowers

Holiday Flowers.com is a company website that provides you different floral and décor customized creations and projects.

Whether you need a small bouquet or a gigantic one, it will surely be achieved. On the other hand, their website provides you exposure to different floral decorations and garden projects that suit an event.

Founded by Judy Holliday Long more than 30 years ago, Holliday’s has been a family operation since it began.

A Garden for the House

A Garden for the House .com is a website owned by Kevin Lee Jacobs who authored most of the web’s contents. Kevin is an award-winning food, garden and lifestyle guru who lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

His recipes have appeared in dozens of newspaper and has contributed countless gardening articles to different magazines such as African Violet Magazine, Berkshire Home Style Magazine, and Garden Design Magazine. His website will provide you a recipe index to make delicious foods, as well as different garden designs and gardening tips and home interior tips all for easy and free access.

Nick’s Garden Center

Nick’s Garden Center is a company based on Aurora Colorado, which offers many things about Gardening.

The site currently has a section called Tomatoes 101, where you can find all the information needed to grow healthy and big tomatoes in your garden.

The site also has a section about decorations, to make your garden look more beautiful. The site also offers a landscape brochure, where all available information about their services and products are presented.

Hoosier Gardener

Hoosier Gardener, is a great site that is created by a gardening coach Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp. The site offers you expert advice and information on how best to cultivate your garden.

Every month, the site gives a ‘Garden Checklist’, wherein Jo gives a list of tasks to follow to improve or change your garden. The site also has a video section, wherein Jo shares her ideas and insight on relevant or new topics about gardening.

This site posts contents from different writers to provide you various experiences and insights.

Big Blog of Gardening

Big Blog of Gardening is an excellent personal blog that offers gardening tips that doesn’t use fertilizers or any artificial products. The site offers excellent information about how to take care of your flowers, vegetables, and lawn. The articles are also coupled with pictures, to make it more interesting for you and so that you can watch the finished products.

The Frugal Kitchen

The Frugal Kitchen is a great site that offers you a wide variety of information about sustainable living. The articles that are found here are very helpful and practical for your garden, poultry or farm. Articles about chickens, plants, oils, herbs, solar panels, and many more are found here. The site offers you to work with the founder of this site, by making and selling natural products, especially oils.


Hoselink is a great online shop site wherein you can scan and purchase water hose products that can help you in your garden. Here the site contains hose reels, hose fittings, hoses, and garden care products. The site has a catalogue section, to make it easier for you to view prizes and purchase the products online. The site also guarantees on free shipping on all orders that exceed Thirty Dollars.

City Floral

City Floral is one of the oldest and successful greenhouses, established in 1911 in Denver, Colorado. The greenhouse company offers excellent services for in-house pest and disease diagnoses, custom potting for seasonal containers and houseplants, plant and lawn identification, special orders, landscape design and planting services, and Plants and trees for sale.

The site also has beautiful pictures of roses, gift shops, foliage, herbs, vegetables, which has been grown over the years.

Red House Garden

The Red House Garden is a blog site that contains the collection of the gardening experience of Indie, located in zone 6a Boston, Massachusetts. The experiences and articles of Indie can give you knowledge and insights if you also want to maintain your garden.

The site contains articles bees, birds, butterflies, containers, cooking, dirt, garden fun, garden issues, house, hydrangeas, medicinal plants, seeds, shrubs, weather, wildlife, and many more!


Growsonyou is an unique website that connects garden lovers around the world to share pictures of their garden and new garden ideas and products.

If you have concerns, questions or problems about your garden, you can ask the 28,000 members of this site to help you. You can also purchase garden products on this site, like tools, machinery, sheds, storage, lawnmowers, and many others.


Quickcrop is an excellent blog site that offers you comprehensive information that would help you grow delicious crops you can grow at home.

The site offers tips for beginners, growing tutorials, improving your soil, preserving, irrigation, juicing, polytunnel growing, nutrition and many more!

The also has a section where you can buy garden products, and many different kinds of seeds to start your own crop!

Plant Success

Plant Success is a great online shop that offers you artificial fertilizers to make your plant go stronger and healthier.

These fertilizers contain good fungi and bacteria, and other essential nutrients that will help your plants grow healthier.

The site also offers information on where you can purchase these products at retail or wholesale.

Richard Jackson’s Garden

Richard Jackson’s Garden is a great site that contains tips and advice for your garden, home, and lifestyle. For your garden, the site offers inspiration by sharing a list of gardens to visit and recipes that are made of wholesome ingredients that can be grown in your own garden. They also have sections that gives you tips, advice, and the latest news on gardening.

Whimsical Home and Garden

Whimsical Home and Garden is a great personal blog site that is all about architecture, interior design, gardening, art, animals and the environment, and DIY.

To represent all these interests, the site features the author’s home and garden. And you can also access all the DIYs in a gallery.

The Garden Continuum

The Garden Continuum is an excellent landscape company that is based in Medfield, Massachusetts. The company offers long-time business with its clients, offering landscape services from its conception, building, and maintenance.

Aside from these excellent service offered, the company also post blog articles about landscaping, offering expert advice and tips to save money and time on taking care and improving your own front yard.

Garden Street

Garden Street is a blog site that contains guides, news, inspiration, and tips for gardening. The site just started last year in March 2016, and have been making articles consistently since. The guide contains how-to articles like how to build wooden bin store, fix log roll edging and more.

Todd’s Botanics

Todd’s Botanics is a very good company residing in UK that offers online ordering service and design and landscaping.

Their Online ordering services offers purchasable plants or flowers, and also a planting service, where the company will plant your garden for you.

The site also offers service for all of the process of designing and landscaping of gardens, maintenance is also included.

Redeem Your Ground

Redeem Your Ground is a blog site created by a growing family, to document their journey in making their home beautiful.

The site first offers you the section of the story of the family, then a section that is called ‘Grow’ where articles about growing stuffs like plants and flowers are found; there is also a section called ‘Raise’ where articles about keeping animals are found; another section, which is called Gather, contains articles about food and dining.

Old House, New Garden

Old House, New Garden is a personal blog site made by Michael Weishan, to catalogue his journey of improving his garden. Michael shares his story, saying that he began gardening since the age of 5 and was mentored by his grandfather. Aside from his personal journey on gardening, his site also offers tips and techniques on traditional gardening that he learnt along the years.

The Gardenist

Michael McCoy, the name of the author and his blog site, is a unique place for those who seek knowledge about gardens. Michael has a lot of experience dealing with plants and gardens, he started his career as a botanists and now a gardener. In his site, you can find more garden questions than garden answers, or tips and advice.

He believes that true wisdom and know-how in the garden is achieved through curiosity and question, rather than quick, short-cut advice we sometimes come across magazines or other blog sites.


Agway is a great local store located in Addison County, Vermont that sells Pet, Lawn, Garden, and Farm supply. The local store first started in the early parts of 2000, and has since grown and became the leading supplier of the said products.

The store offers wide variety of these products, all in top quality and sometimes offered in discount.

Patuxent Nursery

Patuxent Nursery is an excellent company that started since 1996 in Bowie, Maryland. The company has been one of the top supplier of gardening and landscaping needs and services of the place and its surrounding communities. The however is not limited to gardening and landscaping, it also sells home decors and furniture.

Mendon Greenhouse and Florist

Mendon Greenhouse and Florist is a great local store in Massachusetts that sells flowers and gardening products and services.

The store’s flowers are being sold here are of great quality, delivery is also available in nearby places. The store is also offering services to improve and maintain your garden and landscape.

The site also has blog posts concerning about animals, plants, and the community.

Grace Living Centers

Grace Living Centers is a great company that is based in Oklahoma that home care services for the elderly.

The company offers excellent therapy and rehabilitation programs that help the inhabitants regain function, vigour and confidence in themselves. The company also won several awards that testifies to their quality service and care.


Trewithen is a magnificent estate that has been established since 1715 in Cornwall, UK. Trewithen invites anyone to tour their beautiful garden and stroll in its lush and colorful surroundings. It is also a home for a variety of wild life which can also be seen if you visit the place.

The house itself is also available to the public but you need to book your visit first in their site. The site contains information about the current state of Trewithen and its illustrious history.

Sue Townsend Garden Design

Sue Townsend, the creator of this business and site graduated at Capel Manor Horticultural College in North London, and won several awards there for Garden Designing and Hard-landscaping.

Sue is also a member and is recognized by several prestigious groups of gardeners for her expertise in plant knowledge and garden designing skills. Sue offers her service for private employers to design and create beautiful garden for them.


Aralia is an excellent company operating in UK, providing gardening, and landscaping services. The company’s site in internet offers a section of their portfolio, showing all of their past works, which are categorized by their types.

The company’s services is not limited to household clients, they also serve commercial clients and provide services like show gardens, roof terraces, and several others. Aralia also won the most recent Association of Professional Landscapers’ award for the best designer of the year.

Frog Eyes Wasabi

Frog Eyes Wasabi is an excellent company that grows high quality wasabi and sells it to the international market. The wasabi product that are grown by this company are used by the world’s finest restaurants and chefs. Aside from selling, Frog Eyes Wasabi also has a site that offers articles on how to grow, preserve and use wasabi in several recipes.

Eckersley Garden Architecture

Eckersley Garden Architecture is a great company that fuses garden designing and architecture, based in Australia but also accepts international commission.

The company serves residential and commercial clients alike. They offer services on consultation, schematic designing, cost estimate, design development, planning permit plans, tendering, and design consultation.

Garden Season

Garden Season is a good site that contains information all about gardens and yards. In the site, you can expect to find sections about vegetables, on how to grow cucumbers, herbs, mushroom, potatoes, tomatoes, and many more.

The site also has a section dedicated to flowers, like information about annual and perennial flowers. The site also has articles to help you maintain the good state of your lawn, and also pest control

Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy is an emerging company in Coventry and Warwickshire that offers services for gardening and design. The company will do all the measuring and determining the orientation of your place, and also soil testing.

There is also a section on their site about testimonials, where previous customers share their positive experience with the company. The company shares articles wherein they share stories and information about gardening.

Molly and the Princess

Molly and the Princess is a personal blog site that is all about the stylish yet also simple UK Lifestyle and Interiors. The site can be divided into several categories, art & craft, Fashion and beauty, food & drink, home & garden, and travel & leisure.

The principle behind the site's home & garden section is that things that are only beautiful and useful should be found here.

The site writes articles that promote home and garden ideas and products that adds beauty and at the same time of practical use.

Ryan’s Garden

Ryan’s Garden is a personal blog site of a newbie smallholder that intends to record his journey on creating, maintaining and developing his smallholding.

His small holding will be composed of ornamental garden, orchard, vegetable garden, and livestock.

Ryan will try to improve these projects into prosperity from scratch and he will share his minute progress in his blog, he will also share an ‘Image of the Day’ in his blog to capture his day on his smallholding.

Small Scale Gardening

Small Scale Gardening is a personal blog site by Tom Domres, to document his projects and experiments on improving his garden. While narrating his story to you, Tom will also give advice and tips along the way. He can give information on how to make the most of your limited space and resources, and also how to preserve your harvest.

The Italian Garden Project

The Italian Garden Project is a blog site with a mission, to preserve the Italian style of Gardening by writing articles and blogging it. The founders behind this site search and roam around America to search for gardeners that practice this kind of gardening. Their stories are shared on the site, as well as their advice and tips for those who want to follow their way of gardening.

Larry’s Garden

Larry’s Garden is an excellent company in North East Florida that offers landscaping services for your lawn and garden. What is unique about this landscaping company is that they handle all the services involved in improving your garden or lawn, they take full responsibility and accountability, no third party company involved. Another feature of this company is that they have their own nursery of rare and beautiful plants that you can choose to put in your garden.

Caan’s Floral, Home, and Garden

Caan’s Floral, Home, and Garden is a great local store that has its beginnings in 1951 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The store offers different kinds of flowers, flowers that can be used in weddings, funeral, and other special events. The store also sells furniture, grills, heaters, decors and several others for your home. Lastly, it has products for your garden like pots, soil, stone and many more.

Santa Barbara Garden Design

Santa Barbara Garden Design is a great and up and coming company that is based in California.

The company offers services in all kinds and sizes of commissions, whether in your cute and tiny patio or the huge grounds in front of your mansion.

Aside from providing this service, the company also has a site on the internet, where they generously share articles about how to take care and make your garden more beautiful.

Craig Bergmann

Craig Bergmann is an eminent landscaping company in Lake Forest that has been operating for 31 years.

The company's name and service is sometimes referred to as the "The Art of Fine Gardening", they have won numerous awards and recognition over the years to support this statement.

Their work is a combination of excellent architecture, horticulture and design.

Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living

Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living is an excellent magazine that showcases the interiors of the houses all throughout the country.

These magazines also shares how that particular interior was created and what was the story behind it, to give the readers insight and suggestions for them to work on.

Aside from home interiors, the magazine also shares local stories from artists, craftspeople, writers and many more to give you glimpses of the kind of line in Ireland.


Gardenalia is a great and unique landscaping and gardening company. The company’s work operates behind the themes of holistic, green, and ecologically friendly landscaping and gardening. The company prides itself in creating gardens design with great sustainability to save its clients’ time, money, and energy.

Mendham Garden Center

Mendham Garden Center is an excellent local gardening company that is based in New Jersey. The company always makes sure to have updated knowledge on garden and lawn industry to serve its customers. Aside from providing services, the company also sells products for your garden and lawn like power equipment, mulches, fertilizers, flowers, shrubs and many more.

Gardening by Design

Gardening by Design is a great blog site created Alison Marsden. Alison has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and has long since passed the Royal Horticultural Society’s General Certification exam, and has continually improved her skill by practicing and studying gardening.

In her site, Gardening by Design, she shares her knowledge and experience in gardening through articles and blog posts. She also offers personal coaching for other gardeners in Sussex and West Kent through Email, Skype, or personal visit.

Mix and Match Design

Mix and Match Design is a great, up and coming interior designing company that first started as a blog site. Channey, the founder of the company and the blog site, found much success in blogging about interior design, so she decided to carry on that success and launch this company.

This company promotes simple yet beautiful interior design that can be accessed affordably. The site also contains a portfolio of their projects, for you to view and see what they can do.

Angus Thompson Design

Angus Thompson Design is an award-winning garden and landscape Design Company that is based in London and Oxford. The company prides itself in creating contemporary, beautiful, and unique gardens for its clients all throughout the UK. The company also has a blog site, where you can found rich contents about gardening and landscaping.

Couture Gardens

Couture Gardens is an excellent landscaping and gardening company located in London. The company is recognized and a member of several prestigious organization of gardening as an attestation to their quality work. All of their projects are custom-made and personalized for each of their clients. Aside from creating, the company also offers maintenance service for your garden and lawn.

2 thoughts on “180 Home and Garden Blogs To Follow: Top Rated Websites”

  1. Ok, that’s a lot of sites to weed through. You might have started by organizing them a little bit first. Maybe put in some categories so we can more easily follow exactly what we are seeing.
    I did see some familiar names in there though so I’d guess no matter which blog we went to we’d find something useful

  2. Maria Leah Nahil

    What a great sharing thank you this will help you too add more works in your home and garden in the near future bit.ly/2ZNPYFx

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